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Jane (2D)
Olivia is a teen struggling with a recent loss of a friend. After getting deferred from her dream school, she spirals out of control and launches a social media-fueled rampage against those who stand in the way of her success.

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Emergency Declaration (2D)
After a terror incident occurs mid-flight, a passenger jet declares an emergency.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2D)
The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. Individuals who carry on its spirit have created the ultimate androids -- Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. However, these two androids call themselves superheroes and start attacking Piccolo and Gohan.

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A man returns home to celebrate Easter with his riotous, bickering, eating, drinking, laughing, loving family.
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Black Adam (2D)
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avatar-the-way-of-water-poster-1652105534773.jpeg avatar-the-way-of-water-poster-1652105534773.jpeg
Avatar: The Way Of Water (2D)
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Kisaragi Station (2D)
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