Are you ready to welcome 2019 with a bang?

Tons of exciting performers await you at the 2019 Eastwood City New Year Countdown. Join us we party our way to 2019 with friends and family!

On December 31, 2018, take part in the greatest new year countdown of your life! Enjoy performances from today’s famous music performers in the country as early as 6PM!

Who's Playing

December Avenue

Best known for their hit singles “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig” and “Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw”, December Avenue has made a mark in indie music. Let this indie rock/pop band take the stage and make you sing your hearts out with their music.

Ben & Ben

The band behind the hit single “Maybe the Night”, another indie group continues to rise. Ben & Ben has captured the minds and ears of everyone with their songs that make your heart and mind think and feel with their mix of indie, folk, and pop music.

IV of Spades

IV of Spades started out as an indie rock/funk band last 2014. Their song “Mundo” has become one of the top songs ever listened to by all ages.


Joining this year’s countdown is the singer/songwriter Karylle. Let her melodic voice give you all the chills as you say “hello!” to 2019 on December 31, 2018.


Rocking the stage is Bamboo with their outstanding and energetic live performance on December 31, 2018. Sing along to your favorite songs like “Hallelujah” and “Masaya” as you wait for 2019 to begin!

Don’t forget to watch out for the iconic star drop with the grandest fireworks display yet!

Where to Dine

Enjoy your Media Noche with a stunning view of Eastwood City’s 2019 New Year Countdown at Eastwood Mall Open Park! Be sure to check out these restaurants that are ready to serve you during the grandest New Year celebration yet!

Note: Restaurants below may need table reservation(s). Book their al fresco areas as early as now so you won’t miss out on anything!

1. Denny’s

An all-day breakfast served hot and fresh at our table! Enjoy a plateful of waffles and pancakes while you listen and watch live performances.

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 720-9337

2. Red Crab Alimango House

Feast on scrumptious seafood choices at Red Crab Alimango House! Its dishes are cooked just the way you want it.

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 584-7433

3. Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse

Get a taste of Hawaiian food as you sing along to your favorite songs from the performers! Its al fresco view has just the right kind of view when enjoying the celebration as you eat.

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 916-7518

4. My Thai

Craving for Thai food? My Thai offers authentic Thai dishes that you can enjoy perfect for the celebration!

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 709-2127

5. Mary Grace

This “home away from home” vibe is sure to give you all the feels for the New Year Countdown at Eastwood City. Mary Grace is the ultimate spot for your ensaymada cravings. Relax at their al fresco area while enjoying the view of the event!

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 392-2735

6. Milkcow

Dig in to a milky soft serve ice cream at Milkcow! Get to add different toppings and gourmet sauces that compliment the taste of your ice cream.

7. Sandaime

Celebrate the start of 2019 with Japanese food! Sandaime is the ultimate place for your gathering and dinner celebrations during the event.

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 901-0825

8. House of Wagyu

If you’re up for a steak night while welcoming 2019, House of Wagyu is the place-to-be. Have your steak cooked just the way you want it!

  • Location: G/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 706-5385

9. BLK 513

Ever imagined eating an activated charcoal froyo? Well, BLK 513 has it and it’s not just your usual froyo!

10. Cyma

Explore new cuisines as you start fresh this 2019! Taste real Greek food with Cyma’s wide array of dishes that’s sure to make your taste buds go to the next level.

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 709-1955

11. Pound by Todd English

Burgers, fries, and everything nice. Pound offers the best tasting burgers you could ever ask for. Its soft buns and meaty patties are what makes their burgers popular in the Metro. Dine out at the al fresco area and witness the entire event as you munch!

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 617-8633

12. Crisostomo

Taste Filipino food at its finest at Crisostomo! Welcoming 2019 outdoors will never go wrong especially with a table full of your favorite Pinoy dishes! Crisostomo is sure to give you all the smiles and laughter during the whole celebration.

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 709-2049

13. Italianni’s

Delizioso! Italianni’s Restaurant serves authentic Italian food with big servings that you and your loved ones will enjoy at the 2019 New Year Countdown.

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 709-2247

14. Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken serves flavorful charcoal-roasted chicken dishes that everyone will love. Choose from wide selection of sauces to pair with your dish!

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 470-6884

15. Katsu Sora

Katsu Sora is mostly known for its selection of Katsu dishes. Choose from other Japanese dishes for you to enjoy while singing your hearts out at the 2019 New Year Countdown!

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 570-7985

16. Soban K-Town Grill

Dig in to Korean food as you enter 2019! Soban K-Town Grill gives you the real taste of Korea with its hearty and affordable dishes for you and your family. Have your meat cooked the way you want it with their grilling station right at center of your table!

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 441-8460

17. Toni & Sergio

An Italian escape you will not forget right at the heart of Eastwood City! Toni & Sergio serves authentic Italian food that’s perfect to give you an gastronomic Italian adventure during the celebration.

18. Livestock

Keep your bellies happy with Livestock’s putok-batok Crispy Pata! Munch on other Pinoy food to keep yourselves full at the start of 2019!

  • Location: 2/F, Eastwood Mall
  • Contact Number: 727-861

19. Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka

Even a hot bowl full of ramen is what you’ll need to keep your tummy happy. Munch on different ramen dishes to choose from at Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka!

20. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

A warm cup of coffee paired with a slice of your favorite cake can actually make your celebration at the 2019 New Year Countdown perfect. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the best place to chill!

  • Location: G/F, 1800 Building
  • Contact Number: 915-0471

1. Señor Pollo

Chicken and beer perhaps? Yes! Señor Pollo is the ultimate spot for your chicken and beer cravings, especially when welcoming the new year!

2. Icebergs

The name says it all - make sure to top off your dining experience with the classic cold favorites at Iceberg!

3. Rue Bourbon

Did you say southern soul food? You and your company of friends, family and loved ones will definitely get that classic taste of New Orleans at Rue Bourbon!

4. Gweilos Bar and Restaurant

Bring in the new year laughter with a good round of your favorite beer with your friends and family. Enjoy the music with live performance of your favorite Pinoy bands with drinks and cheers!

5. Liberty

Definitely a great place for a barkada night with drinks and grub, you can drink the night away at Liberty - either by the bottle or by the bucket!

6. 121

Party the night away with tasty cocktails and other liquor at 121! Welcome your 2019 with a bang here with your loved ones!

7. Salamangka

From your food to your coffee or even grog - everything here is made in Filipino folkore fashion! Definitely a must-try for a good drinking session this New Year!

8. Graffiti Hip Bar

A shot or glass of your favorite liquor is always a fun way to start the year! Enjoy the first day of the year with food, drinks, and everything else at Graffiti Hip Bar!

9. Seafood Island

Definitely a good place for a family dinner, Seafood Island offers the hugest platters with the freshest seafood - all eaten Filipino style!

10. Taqueria 101

Savor authentic Mexican cuisine with the best ingredients - from tasty salsa and chips to tastiest drinks to party the New Year away!

11. Bon Chon

Get your chicken wing fix at Bon Chon! We know you can never (ever) get enough of that soy garlic chicken!

After Party Celebrations At Eastwood City

The party doesn’t stop at the strike of 12 midnight. Join the fun with exciting games and surprises throughout the celebration! Eastwood City has got you covered with more performances at Fuente Circle! Get to enjoy them all with a great view at these restaurants.

Victor Pring

One of the youngest and rising personalities in the club scene, Victor Pring takes on the stage at Eastwood City to keep yourselves dancing to every beat!

Marc Marasigan

Marc Marasigan has become one of the classic DJs in the country. His mixes has surely kept everyone jumping to the rhythm for the whole night.

X Factor

A mainstay in the nightlife industry, DJ X Factor (AKA DJ Jojit Mangubat) has been a crowd favorite for quite a while now. The lively mixes continue to wow everyone whenever he performs live!

Khai Lim

Female DJ Khai Lim is one of today's most sought-after performers in the industry. It’s no surprise that the party doesn’t always end without all her mixes played and make you party the night away.

David Ardiente

If you want to stay up and keep your day running with good and lively party beats, David Ardiente has the complete mix for you. His beats don’t disappoint!

Where to park

Enjoy P50 flat rate when you park at Eastwood City for a hassle free celebration! Take note of the parking areas below at the 2019 New Year Countdown

  • Eastwood Mall
  • Eastwood Citywalk
  • Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall
  • Eastwood Techno Plaza One and Two

How to get there

Eastwood City is surely accessible to all places in the Metro. Find out how to get to Eastwood City!

Cubao to Eastwood via Boni Serrano

From the famous Cubao Expo, get a jeepney ride going to Rosario, Pasig and dropoff at Mercury Drug C5. Head to the bridge and you’ll finally arrive at Eastwood City!

Marikina to Eastwood

Ride an FX at Savemore Marikina going to Ortigas and it will just pass by Eastwood City! Be sure to ask the driver to drop you off at Eastwood City.

Fort to Eastwood via C5

Ride the Fort Bus to Ayala and arrive at Park Square One. From there, take an FX ride going to Marikina and get off at Citibank Square at Eastwood City.

Makati to Eastwood via C5

From Park Square One, just ride an FX to Marikina bound for Libis. Get off at Citibank Square and you’re finally at Eastwood City!


For a convenient travel to Eastwood City, simply book a Grab ride and use our promo code EASTWOODNYE2019 and get P200 OFF going to Eastwood City!

*Promo valid on Dec. 31, 2018 only.

Take part in the grandest new year celebration with us and say #NoToFOMO! See you this December 31, 2018 at the Eastwood City New Year Countdown! Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates.