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Fun Things To Do With Your Pet at Eastwood City

Why not take your pets out on a date? There are numerous fun things to do with your pet at Eastwood City! Click here to learn more!


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One greeting with tail wags and heart-warming nuzzles from your pets can instantly turn a bad day better. You turn to them for companionship and comfort. As a pawparent, it’s only right you shower your fur babies with lots of love and care. Why not take your pets out on a date? There are numerous fun things to do with your pet at Eastwood City! As one of the most pet-friendly malls in Manila, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls lets you take your pets for a fun day out conveniently and safely in Eastwood City. Whether you want to keep your pets entertained, want to catch up on errands with them, or simply want to reward them for being such loyal and lovable fellows — there are lots of fun things to do at Eastwood City. Read on to more about this!  

Go Shopping For Pet Essentials

MLM Digital Pet Pass

Having a pet requires buying a bunch of items to keep them healthy and happy. This can include pet food, food bowls, brushes, dental care materials, leashes, shampoos, cages, treats, and even all kinds of toys. 
As much as you would want to give them everything, you might find yourself scrambling where to get their needs given the current quarantine situation. But, don’t fret! At Eastwood City, pet stores are open to help you restock your pet essentials. The best part about it? Your furry friends can tag along while shopping too. Pet owners looking to bring along their furry companions to this Megaworld Lifestyle Mall now have the option to apply for a Pet Pass online. All you need are your pet's updated rabies vaccination records, pictures of your pet, and an accomplished registration form you can get at any concierge. Upon presenting the digital pass, your pets will be granted entry to mall premises and stores. It’s the first-of-its-kind concept in the Philippines! Head to Bow and Wow to stock up on all your needs. We’re sure your furry babies will love being your shopping buddy. 

Bow and Wow is located at G/F, Eastwood Excelsior. 

Eat Meals Together  

Craving for a certain cuisine? Or perhaps need some quick snacks while going around the mall? We’ve got some good news! When you present the pet pass, you and your four-legged buddies can enjoy your meals together. With the abundance of alfresco areas for dining, selected dining establishments in Eastwood City are open for accommodating pets. Want to try an authentic Italian date with your pet? Italianni’s allow pets when dining alfresco style! 

Italianni’s is located at 2/F, Eastwood Mall. 

Treat Your Pet To A Grooming Day

Grooming Day

Image Credit: Dogs and the City | FacebookWith your increasingly busy schedule juggling work and personal life, sometimes you might not find the time to groom your pets. But, keep in mind that grooming goes beyond making your pet look good, but also making them healthy. At Eastwood City, you can treat your pet to a grooming day without any hassle. Watch your pets take a refreshing bath, getting their nails clipped, their teeth getting brushed, their eyes getting cleaned, and their fur getting clipped and brushed for that perfect fluff!

Dogs And The City is located at 2/F, Eastwood Citywalk 2.  

Get Some Fresh Air And Walk Around

Exuding the beauty of nature and the elegance of the city at every turn, Eastwood City is the perfect place to get some fresh air and walk around with your pets. The mall has a laid-back atmosphere and plenty of open spaces that your fur babies will surely enjoy. Don’t forget to end your memorable date by taking a photo together.   
There are so much more reasons why people are seeking to visit pet-friendly malls in Manila. Recognizing that pets are part of the family for valued guests, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls ensures that fur babies' welfare and fur parents' convenience are taken into consideration. So stop wondering about fun things to do with your pet at Eastwood City because we have rounded up some of the best activities guaranteed to let your fur babies feel loved and happy. What are you waiting for? Experience it all first-hand at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls today! 

Get A Digital Pet Pass

If you’re looking to bring along your furry companions to pet-friendly malls in Manila, at Megaworld LIfestyle Malls, you can apply for a Pet Pass online easily and contact-free. With the new and upgraded Digital Pet Pass, pet owners will be provided a virtual Pet Pass in their mobile devices, and will be granted entry to mall premises, stores and restaurants! 
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