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Fudao Sate Noodles is a Binondo gem you shouldn’t miss. 


This food stall is known for cooking comforting noodle soup dishes. Their famed Seafood Mix is slurp-worthy down to the last noodle. Their spicy broth is cooked for four hours and is poured over a medley of perfectly cooked noodles, seafood balls, dumplings, and shrimp. 


For a bowl packed with flavors and fillings, Fudao is really worth the wait. Get your chopsticks ready for a bowl of satay noodles that will feel like a hug.


The taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine awaits you at Wai Ying Fast Food. 


Established in 1998, this hole-in-wall food hub is frequented by tourists and locals alike. Aside from being one of the best dimsum places in Binondo, Wai Ying serves delectable Chinese roasts, including their famed Roasted Peking Duck. This cult favorite is a flavorful dish that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, slathered with sauce that brings out a smoky flavor. 


Get your chopsticks ready for an indulgent feast of roast and dimsum.


Get your fill of classic Chinese and Hong Kong bites at Sio Cha Asian Cuisine. 


Derived from the Chinese word for ‘small eats,’ Siao Cha is known for offering street food and snacks. Later on, it served classic Asian favorites including noodles, congee and roasts. Sio cha is known for serving Crispy Lechon Macau, Hong Kong Fried Noodles with peanut sauce and the Char Siu Pork or barbecue asado. 


Get your chopsticks ready for authentic bites from China and Hong Kong.


Take a bite out of the crispiest fried chicken at the heart of Manila! 

If you’re a huge fan of Chinese-style fried chicken, you’ll love this Binondo-favorite from Master Tan. Their pressure frying method gives their chicken that unique, savory crunch. Get ready to indulge in deep-fried goodness at Master Tan Fried Chicken!


Travel the streets of Japan with your taste buds with Jap Street! 


This food stall serves classic Japanese favorites. Take a bite of their melt-in-your mouth takoyaki. Or pair their mouthwatering gyoza and tempura bites with their sumptuous ramen, that’s made with light and savory broth bursting with umami flavor. 


Get your chopsticks ready for Japanese favorites.


Say ‘Annyeong’ to a Korean adventure with the best K-Snack from Corndog28. 

Get your K-Food fix as this food hub brings you its selection of sweet-savory corn dogs. This popular street food is a trip of different flavors. It starts out with the crunchy crumbs and goes into the soft and bready coating, before diving into the meaty goodness of sausage complemented with the sweet melted cheese. 


Get ready for the tastiest Korean refreshment.


Go on a Korean food trip with authentic Korean street food from Bunsikjip. 


Bunsikjip serves iconic Korean street food. From Korean fish cakes called Odeng, Tangy Tteokbokki, or spicy rice cake Japchae roll, or deep fried seaweed spring rolls, To fried squid and fried sweet potato And the famous noodle Ramyun. 


Get your chopsticks ready for a Korean street food fest.


Get all your Asian favorites under one roof at CHN Asian Food House. 


CHN Asian Food House serves the complete food experience from rice meals to classic delicacies such as hopia, mooncake and tikoy. Don’t leave without tasting their Xiamen Sate Noodles! This spicy dish is a Fujian classic made with a rich, slow boiled broth and mixed with noodles and customized toppings. 


Get your chopsticks ready for a hearty bowl of sate noodles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Transport:

From Doroteo Jose LRT Station, ride a Jeepney with a “Divisoria” sign. Alight at Reina Regente, then walk to Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Own Vehicle:

From the intersection of Mendiola and Legarda street, head west-bound via Recto Ave. Then, turn left at Reina Regente.


Lucky Chinatown Mall is open from 10am to 9pm.

Yes, Lucky Chinatown Mall has a multi-level parking. The parking entrance is located along Reina Regente St.


Parking Fee:

A. Car -Time Entry Before Mall Hours

P100 for the first three (3) hours

P50 fo every succeeding hour

B. Car – Time Entry During Mall Hours

P50 for the first three (3) hours

Additional P10 per hour for the 4th and 5th hour

P20 every hour for the 6th hour and beyond

C. Motorcycle 

P30 for the first three (3) hours

P50 for every succeeding hour



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