Inspired by one of Italy’s most romantic cities, Venice Grand Canal has elevated the shopping and lifestyle scene in the Philippines with its uniquely Italian sights and sounds, and dining experience.


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Tim Hortons,

GF Venice Grand Canal


Black Scoop Cafe,

GF Venice Grand Canal


Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken,

GF Venice Grand Canal

02-7374 7374

Dogs and the City,

GF Venice Grand Canal

Party in the City,

GF Venice Grand Canal

Knots Flowers & More,

GF Venice Grand Canal

Yankee Candle,

GF Venice Grand Canal

Cafe Mary Grace,

GF Venice Grand Canal


GF Venice Grand Canal

Fundador Cafe,

GF Venice Grand Canal

0928-7248614 / 73681842

Boulangerie 22,

GF Venice Grand Canal


Ponte Rialto,

GF Venice Grand Canal

0917-7074800 or (02)73734781.

Boba Girl,

GF Venice Grand Canal


Toni & Sergio,

GF Venice Grand Canal

0966-5495539 or 8361-2910

Robinson's Selection, Food Hall

Reyes BBQ, Food Hall


Sbarro, Food Hall


Pepper Lunch Express, Food Hall

7946-3176 / 0917-5080525

Mr. Kimbob, Food Hall

Elements by Zuppa, Food Hall

Sizzle King, Food Hall

Little Manila, Food Hall

National Bookstore, Food Hall

S&R Pizza, Food Hall

0917-805-4650 or 7946-3371

Breadtalk, Food Hall

Caramia, Food Hall

8587-6540 / 822-1111 /


Dunkin Donut, Food Hall

McDonald's Gold, Food Hall

Kenny Rogers, Food Hall


My Thai / Pho Hoa, Food Hall

09334509186 / 02 87720242

BPI, Food Hall

ChaTime, Food Hall

Messy Bessy, Food Hall

GNC, Food Hall


BratPack, Food Hall

Max's Restaurant, Food Hall

02-8254-5165 or 0917-8985170 or 0920-7053426

Lighter's Galore, Food Hall

Birkenstock, Food Hall

Sunglass Haven, Food Hall

The Loop by Power Mac,

Food Hall

Beyond the Box, Food Hall

Shoe Salon, Food Hall

Bench, Food Hall

The Travel Club, Food Hall

Hearts & Arrows, Food Hall

02 8812 7013 / 0933 3789794

The Face Shop, Food Hall

Executive Optical, Food Hall

Regatta, Food Hall

Fossil, Food Hall

For Me, Food Hall

CLN, Food Hall

Starbucks, Food Hall

Fullybooked, Food Hall

02 809 37 47/ 0917 8222 763

Penshoppe, Food Hall

Giligans, Food Hall


Cafe Del Mar, Food Hall

Huawei Service Center, Food Hall


Payless, 2F Venice Grand Canal

TuWrap, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Shakey's, 2F Venice Grand Canal

9063266168 / 02-7791-8136 /


Mann Hann,

2F Venice Grand Canal

8541-4291 / 0956-4296616

Buddy's, 2F Venice Grand Canal

My Health Clinic, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Watsons, 2F Venice Grand Canal

02 8824-6398


2F Venice Grand Canal

02 8-6236

Jollibee, 2F Venice Grand Canal

8800-1768 / 8805-9024

Seafood City,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Wash N Dry,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Blvck Cafe,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Turks, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Miniso, 2F Venice Grand Canal


E Boutique,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Japan Homes Centre,

2F Venice Grand Canal

DIY, 2F Venice Grand Canal

02 7753-1354

Blims Furniture,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Serenitea, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Burger King,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Core Pacific Money Exchange,

2F Venice Grand Canal


All 4 U, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Office Warehouse,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Case Logic,

2F Venice Grand Canal

I-Tech, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Dairy Queen,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Mumuso, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Filbars, 2F Venice Grand Canal

World Balance,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Big Boss Barbers,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Wacoal, 2F Venice Grand Canal

FAD, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Society Eight,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Sky Castle,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Hued Salon,

2F Venice Grand Canal


Skin Cell, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Ncat, 2F Venice Grand Canal

Nature Republic,

2F Venice Grand Canal


2F Venice Grand Canal

Aqua Home,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Ramen Kuroda,

2F Venice Grand Canal


2F Venice Grand Canal

Taco Bell,

2F Venice Grand Canal

Classic Savory,

2F Venice Grand Canal


Mang Inasal,

2F Venice Grand Canal

09298237808 / 8332-1355

Monteal Money Changer,

3F Venice Grand Canal

02-88097010 and 0917-1142264

Skin Station,

3F Venice Grand Canal

The Medical City - Clinic,

3F Venice Grand Canal

The Dental Hub,

3F Venice Grand Canal

Gong Cha,

3F Venice Grand Canal

Cobalabamba, GF Venice Piazza

Happy Days, GF Venice Piazza

121 Restaurant, GF Venice Piazza

02-88348175 / 09774164615

Backdoor, GF Venice Piazza

0975 694 1451

KFC, 2F Venice Piazza


Bonchon Chicken, 2F Venice Piazza


Chowking, 2F Venice Piazza

Tokyo Tokyo, 2F Venice Piazza

02-79752502 / 09178745377

Max Delights,

Venice Luxury Residences


Suds Laundry,

Venice Luxury Residences


Mabel Fille Salon,

Venice Luxury Residences

Macao Imperial,

Venice Luxury Residences


Jiu Jiu Convenience Store,

Venice Luxury Residences

Lawson, Venice Luxury Residences

Palawan Express,

Venice Luxury Residences

Media Print,

Venice Luxury Residences

DHL, Venice Luxury Residences

Sinangag Express, IPC Building

Dells, IPC Building

Master Siomai, IPC Building

Sisig Hooray, IPC Building


R. Lapids, IPC Building

Uncle Moes Shawarma Hub, Tuscany


Pan de Manila, Tuscany


Bag O Shrimp, Tuscany

02-86371454 / 0927-1183330

Ralph's Wine & Spirit, Tuscany

02 8853-7423

BBQ Chicken & Beer, Tuscany

88041655 / 09277364525

Assi Fresh Plaza, Tuscany

8832 9741 / 0915 890 2065

7 Eleven, Tuscany

Planet Vape, Tuscany


Zoo Coffee, Tuscany

0915-8657674 / 02 2471949

Mercury Drug, Tuscany

Nihonkai, Tuscany

Milky Way, Tuscany


Sauceria, Tuscany

Wursty Wursty, Tuscany


Asian Salon (Scizzors and Razors), Tuscany

0917-800-5836 /


Binalot, 123 World Building


Bacolod Inasal, 123 World Building

02-88566340 / 02-8795-7492

Starbucks, 123 World Building

McDonald's, 123 World Building

The Sandwich Guy,

123 World Building

Dunkin Donuts,

123 World Building

Yellow Cab, 123 World Building


Army Navy, 123 World Building

7 Eleven (2 World),

123 World Building

BPI, 123 World Building

PNB, 123 World Building

7 Eleven, 123 World Building

Metrobank, 123 World Building

Unionbank, 123 World Building

BDO, 123 World Building

RCBC, 123 World Building

UCPB, 123 World Building

Cafe Amazon, 123 World Building

Tapa King, 123 World Building

Auntie Anne's, Science Hub


Starbucks, Science Hub

Famous Belgian Waffle,

Science Hub


Family Mart, Science Hub


Mazza Shawarma, Woodbride

09771826879 or 09610449925

Hei Tea, Woodbride


Archived, Woodbride

Triple Luck, Woodbride

09176250777 / 821-6598

Monica's Apartment, Woodbride


7 Eleven, Woodbride

The Brick, Woodbride

02 8985-4890 / 0915-8142837

Security Bank, Morgan

Medicard, Morgan

PS BANK, Morgan

99 Ranch Store,

Viceroy, Stamford Area

Wellcome Supermarket,

Viceroy, Stamford Area


Viceroy, Stamford Area

Lin Jiang Men,

Viceroy, Stamford Area


Pizza Hut,

Viceroy, Stamford Area


Wicked Waffle,

Viceroy, Stamford Area


Crystal Clear,

Viceroy, Stamford Area


Nothing but laundry,

Viceroy, Stamford Area

David's Salon,

Viceroy, Stamford Area

Black Sugar, McKinley West

KFC, McKinley West

McDonald's, McKinley West

Starbucks, McKinley West

Banh Mi Kitchen, McKinley West

Rong Hua Ba Kuh Teh,

McKinley West

Madrone, McKinley West


McKinley West

Vet's in Practice, McKinley West

Lawson, McKinley West

7 Eleven, McKinley West

BPI, McKinley West

Perry's Tea Bar, McKinley West

Hi Precision Diagnostics,

McKinley West

PNB, McKinley West


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