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3 Extraordinary Flavored Cocktails to Complement Good Music

  • Uptown Bonifacio
Sep 06, 2019

Drinks and music always make a good pair. Here are items that are definitely worth every sip!

Yes Please

Blair Witch Project-inspired: A mix of Rittenhouse rye whiskey infused with dried mango, Mancino Bianco, Becherovka, and organic bitters.

Yes Please is located at GF Uptown Parade

The Island

A bit of liquor, citric acid, cucumber syrup mixed with passion fruit juice to make a tangy drink called The Kahewa Punch.

The Island is located at GF Uptown Parade

Studio 28

Satisfaction: A mix of homemade lime cordial, pineapple juice, amaranto, licorice bitters garnished with rose petals.

Studio 28 is located at 2F Uptown Parade.

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