5 Healthy Smoothies And Shakes To Quench Your Thirst

Eastwood City Uptown Bonifacio

March 18, 2021

Summer heat is now upon us as the sweltering heat becomes an hourly reminder to hydrate! Now more than ever, it’s important to consume enough fluids every day to prevent dehydration and fatigue. 

However, staying hydrated does not only mean we stick to water all throughout. There are also fun and refreshing ways to hydrate, while still being healthy.

Here are 5 guilt-free smoothies and shakes at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls that will help you quench your thirst the healthy way!


Koomi, Eastwood City & Uptown Bonifacio

Milk tea might have been a craze, but a new healthy drink is about to take over the town. Australia-based Koomi is bringing you some yogurt-based refreshments flavored with fresh fruits and sweetened with fruit honey.

Stay-berry healthy and hydrated with Koomi’s You’re The Berry Best or I’m Berry Blue Without You. Koomi is open at 4/F, Eastwood Mall and 4/F, Uptown Bonifacio.


Avocadoria, Eastwood and Uptown Bonifacio

Avocado’s rich, creamy texture and mild flavor make it such a hit! Avocadoria.ph proves just that with a selection of decadent avocado-based desserts and dishes such as guacamole and avocado toast. 

Want to be extra healthy? The Avocado Coconut Keto Milkshake is a creamy avocado shake topped with avocado, coconut cubes, flaky almonds and chias and flax seeds, and is available at 4/F Food Hall, Uptown Mall. Avocadoria is also open at Eastwood Citywalk1.


Fruitas, Uptown Bonifacio

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit shakes and juice, especially if they’re freshly made. Have a fruitful hydration session with Fruitas’ medley of fresh shakes and juices without all the frills!

Strengthen your immunity while staying hydrated with Fruitas’ coconut drinks. Fruitas is open at 4/F, Food Hall, Uptown Bonifacio.

Go! Salads

Try healthy smoothies at Go! Salads in Uptown Bonifacio

Who said only fruits rule the summer season? You can also drink your greens, thanks to Go! Salad’s selection of green smoothies, which can help you achieve the healthy summer bod that you want. 

Make your Mondays matter by grabbing a Breakfast Smoothie, infused with apple, banana, cinnamon, oats, Chia seeds, coco sugar, greens and soy milk. Go! Salads is open at 4/F, Food Hall, Uptown Mall.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice, Uptown Bonifacio

What better way to enjoy blended delights than choosing those without artificial flavors and preservatives? International sensation Jamba Juice has been serving delightful goodness in the Philippines since 2011 and has been staying true to its promise.

Available this summer, Jamba Juice’s new Fruit n’ Milk shakes in Super Strawberry, Mango Milky Wave, and Blueberry Bliss flavors are loaded low-fat milk, frozen yogurt and tasty fruits, giving you that calcium and dietary fiber you need. Jamba Juice is located at 4/F, Uptown Mall.

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