May 24, 2021

Summer is all fun and games until the harmful effects of the sun kick in. The blazing and scorching heat during this time is far more dangerous than any other season that our skin ends up having minor to major problems which can potentially end up to skin cancer.

But thanks to science, we can still enjoy wearing our favorite swimwear and summer outfits without worrying about sunburn, oily skin, and skin aging.

Here are some important tips and tricks that can make you shine above the rest this summer. Always remember, stay hydrated!


Never skip your sunblock.


The golden rule, regardless of the season, always apply a generous amount of sunblock onto your whole body and reapply it as needed. The UV rays of the sun are everywhere, even if you’re at home! So never forget to have one in your purse or in your vanity area as this will be your BFF in avoiding major skin problems!

SNAILWHITE Body Booster SPF30/PA+++ is available in Watsons Eastwood City, Venice Grand Canal, Uptown Bonifacio, Lucky Chinatown, Paseo Center, Southwoods, Festive Walk Parade, Forbes Town, San Lorenzo Plaza, and Newport City.


Your face should be protected too.


Sunscreen should be applied on the face too! There are already tons of sunscreen products available in the market, but choose the ones that have SPF 15 or more as they give you at least 94% protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Yes, you can use the sunblock that you apply on your body but if you want a thinner and lighter formula, best use the ones that are specially made for the face!

CALIFORNIA ALOE WATERPROOF SUNBLOCK SPF50+ PA++++ is available in Nature Republic Venice Grand Canal, Festive Walk Parade, and Uptown Bonifacio


Go for minimal makeup.


You don’t want clogged pores, do you? Your face needs to breathe especially during hot and humid days so you better keep your makeup at a bare minimum. You can just simply use a tinted primer for a polished, flawless, and rosy look, and voila! You’re good to go!

Lightful C+ Coral Grass Tinted Primer SPF 45/ PA++++ from MAC Cosmetics available at Eastwood City, Lucky Chinatown, and Newport City.


Your skincare products are not for all year round. Change them.


Your skin changes every now and then that’s why your care products should always be up to date, depending on your skin needs.  One good example of this is your facial wash. Your face during summer tends to secrete more oil and sebum so you need something that can keep up with the changes. For oily skin, get a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, non-soapy for dry to combination skin, and gel-based face wash for normal ones. 

Get different variants of facial wash from The Face Shop. Available at Eastwood City, Venice Grand Canal, Lucky Chinatown, Southwoods Mall, Uptown Bonifacio, and Newport City.


Stop using moisturizers. Use exfoliants instead.


Surprise, surprise. You don’t need to moisturize in this country, sister. In a climate like the Philippines, our face produces more oil compared to the cold countries. Adding a formula as moisturizers have, can build up more oils which can clog up our pores resulting in unwanted breakouts. If you want to achieve soft and smooth baby skin, exfoliate instead. 

The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Deep Pore Cleansing Foam Scrub is available at Eastwood City, Venice Grand Canal, Lucky Chinatown, Southwoods Mall, Uptown Bonifacio, and Newport City.

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