3 Ways to Refresh Yourself Under the Heat in Arcovia City

Arcovia City

March 9, 2020

Can’t take the heat this summer season? Worry no more because Arcovia City is just a mile away to rejuvenate yourself. In this post, we have rounded up a few reasons to help you beat the hot weather!

Since the enhanced community quarantine is already done, take your family at Arcovia City and enjoy these treats as much as possible.


  1. Have a cold brew at Starbucks cafe!

Words cannot express how Starbucks provides you with the best possible coffees! Isn’t it amazing to be blessed with such good beverages? In fact, they kind of make our lives more refreshing and bubblier than usual.

If you have any time to spare, enable yourself to refresh yourselves with Starbucks’ cold brew drinks at Arcovia City. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a cold coffee eliminates the heat right away.


  1. Chachago milk tea to the rescue

Milk tea lovers or not, are you reading this? Chachago is now available at Arcovia City to give you a great cup of quality tea. In fact, you could choose among ice smoothies, bubble milk teas, taro milk teas, and a lot more as much as you like.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the hot weather such refreshing drinks!


  1. Popeyes it is!

Aside from a variety of refreshing beverages, enable yourself to recharge with Popeyes’s excellent food to satisfy your cravings! The summer season often makes us grumpy because of the heat all over. However, a full and happy tummy never fails to make us delighted.


There three ways will enable you to still be pleased despite the summer season. Although it is really hot, you still have the power to make it not.

Discover something new as you visit Arcovia City whenever you want to refresh at any moment. This place is a high-end commercial space with a few dining strips for you to enjoy, whether alone or with someone.

Visit now and enjoy it!

ArcoVia City

January 16, 2020


Just when you thought city living is all about pavements, buildings, highways, and busy communities, be ready to be inspired by ArcoVia City, a high-end commercial spaces and dining strips.


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