April 13, 2020

Raise your hand if you miss visiting malls in Metro Manila! Right now, due to the quarantine season, we all need to stay at home.


But don’t fret, because there are plenty of best, exciting indoor activities that give you the feels of visiting malls! What’s best, it doesn’t even require you to spend.


Scroll down and take your pick on the best indoor activities you and your family can do. Even if you can’t visit Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in Metro Manila, you can still have some fun!

Netflix and Chill

Nothing’s better than indulging in a quality family bonding by watching movies. The Cinemas are the first to close this quarantine, but it doesn’t mean you can’t experience it at home!


Take a look at Netflix’s picks. Grab yourself a giant bucket of popcorn. Finally, sink into the family couch, and it’s as if you’re in the Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig, Metro Manila!

Anywhere & Anytime Fitness

We always say “we’re too busy” to exercise. Now, we’ve run out of excuses to skip our much-needed workouts. It’s finally time to start running and stop complaining.


With your newfound time at home, you can finally work on your muscles and core. Lace-up and start your gym routine at home. You can try to search for workout routines or train with your personal coach online!

Bark at Home 

For all fur-parents, we know you miss spending your weekend at Bark Central, located at Eastwood Mall. But just like how it’s an indoor park full of good stuff for your pups, you can try setting up a mini-Bark Park at the comforts of your home.


Search for online courses for your fur-babies, and exercise with them at home! Just make sure to drink lots of water to beat the heat.


Lucky if you have your karaoke equipment at home, then it’s always like as if you’re in Paragon KTV Bar at Eastwood. But if you don’t (or you have an outdated list of songs), then you can totally try hitting the notes with YouTube lyric videos!

iPong at Your iPhone 

Quarantine also allowed us to digitalize almost everything. Even if there’s a liquor ban and you miss the drinks from iPong at Uptown Parade, you can try Zoom for your catching-up-sessions even without the booze.


There are lots of “drinking games” you can do with your friends through Zoom, such as multiplayer online beer pong or even online card games. The possibilities are endless!


Sure, there’s nothing like shopping at the best malls in Metro Manila. Still, we can try doing indoor activities that somewhat give the same feels. Stay safe, chill, and let’s all hope for the best after this quarantine season.