Best New Drinks To Order Online This Summer! 


April 8, 2021

The sweltering summer heat just makes you want to reach for a cold and refreshing drink, right? We feel you! Now, it’s probably a long time since you’ve made the quarantine trend Dalgona coffee at home — which is still pretty awesome. But we understand that this year, we’re all looking for something new and fun to drink. So sit back, relax, and get ready to order this lineup of drinks we’ve spotted at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!

Yoghurt drinks 

Koomi Yogurt


Fruity, sweet, and healthy? You got it! Yoghurt drink brand Koomi is here to satisfy every discerning and health-conscious palate. With your favorite fruity flavors mixed with yoghurt, their drinks are definitely a healthier alternative! Pro tip: Try their Cookies ‘N Dream, Langkashewlad, and Banana Dance With Some Berries!

Cold brew

Nitro 7's Cold Brew


Ah, who doesn’t love a classic cold brew? Nitro 7 delivers excellently concocted cold brew if you’re in need of a wake-me-up drink. One sip of this and you’ll be up and ready for your daily grind!


Peach cooler

11:11's Peach Cooler


Your wish is 11:11’s command! This new milktea player is 100% Filipino made and owned. The rich flavors in their variety of drinks are natural, as the cafe is committed to only bringing in fresh ingredients. Yup, no preservatives! Try their Peach drink and taste the difference.



Johnn Lemon Lemonade


The answer to all our thirst is a good dose of lemonade! Johnn Lemon juice bar infuses their drinks with fresh lemons, which make them as refreshing as can be. The lemon fruit is known to aid in digestion, so it’s not only yummy, drinking lemonade is also actually good for your tummy!

Mais con Yelo frappe 

Dunkin Donut's Mais Con Yelo Frappe


Okay, no one is going to say no to mais con yelo… but did someone say frappe?! That’s a double YES! Dunkin’ Donut is offering mais con yelo frappe this summer and we know you’re curious. Just imagine the milky cold goodness blended with ice, sweet corn mix, and creamy corn, that is topped with whipped cream and cornflakes! Slurp. 

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