Bite Into The Flavorful Goodness Of Frankie’s Salted Egg Wings

Eastwood City

June 5, 2021

Can we talk about Frankie’s Salted Egg Wings?

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings has been around for several years now, and they are noted for their delicious and reasonably-priced chicken wings selections! The food chain, which is inspired by the concrete jungle, New York City, can accommodate large groups of families and friends. 

Now, onto the yummy part. Their Salted Egg Wings is truly one of the best ones out there, with their signature rich flavors and mild kick. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can order it in wings, boneless, or drumsticks! 

On this episode of Munch, we took a tour into Frankie’s kitchen and found out how they make every wing so yummy!

Watch the full episode here:

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