One way to complete the Chinese New Year celebration is none other than having an auspicious feast. Make sure to serve these dishes for a big dose of luck all year round.

Rice Cake

Photo by Eng BeeTin

Considered as a signature dish during the Lunar New Year, Nian gao or commonly known as “rice cake”,  is pronounced as 高 (gāo) meaning tall or high. It symbolizes success and raise each year. Aim for greater luck this year with Eng BeeTin’s Tikoy White. 

Eng BeeTin is located at GF, Lucky Chinatown

Good Fortune Fruit

mary grace
Photo by @photokitchenph

This needs no introduction. It is a well known fact that round fruits are believed to attract good fortune and prosperity to every home. Plus points if you’re going to place a total of nine oranges in your living room or in the kitchen. For a unique kind of luck, try out Mary Grace’s Lemon Orange Chiffon!

Spring Rolls

pho hoa
Photo by Pho Hoa

Spring rolls have made its name not just every Chinese New Year but also on any kind of occasion.  This cylindrical shaped delicacy is filled with meat, sweet sauce, and vegetables. Spring rolls are traditionally served during the Lunar Year because they are shaped like gold bars, making it just the right kind of food to symbolize wealth. Try out a bountiful Pho Hoa’s fresh spring rolls and receive an overflowing wealth throughout the year.

Pho Hoa is located at 3F, Lucky Chinatown


king chef
Photo by King Chef

The Chinese pronunciation of fish is “yu” which also means “surplus and fortune”. Eating more fish is said to bring an increase in prosperity. When it comes to luck, King Chef’s Steamed King Fish in Dried Salted Beans will leave you feeling satisfied

King Chef is located at 2F, Lucky Chinatown

Chinese Dumplings

dim sum
Photo by Shi Lin

Wondering why these small delicacies are shaped like a Chinese gold ingot? This is because it symbolizes abundant wealth and good fortune. Head on to Shi Lin for a heavenly bite of these lucky treats.

Shi Lin is located at GF, Lucky Chinatown

Peking Duck

king chef
Photo by King Chef

What makes this dish special is its red skin which is known to be the lucky color to Chinese culture. Aside from that, it represents togetherness and family. Bond over with your loved ones with King Chef’s succulent peking duck.

Longevity noodles.

Photo by Masuki

Considering the amount of time you’ll have to spend slurping this dish, this Chinese specialty is perfect to binge on when you’re in pursuit of long life and happiness. Savor 

Masuki is located at 3F, Lucky Chinatown

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