Burger joints in the South to order from for delivery!

Southwoods Mall Three Central Twin Lakes

August 18, 2021

Attention, burger fans in the South: We’ve got some juicy news! 

Burgers are still one of the most superior comfort foods. Getting a serving of a juicy patty, well-toasted buns, melted cheese, and maybe a side of fries, is worth every pound. If you’re on the lookout for your next burger adventure, we’ve got a list of classic and new ones that you should try in the area! You do not have to leave the house, because these scrumptious restaurants can deliver to your doorstep.

Zark’s Burgers at Southwoods Mall

What to order: Sloppy Joe

This can get deliciously messy! Zark’s Burgers’ Sloppy Joe is made with their signature cheeseburger and chunky meaty sauce. This meaty combination is the definition of guilty pleasure. Give this one a try for when you really need a pick-me-up snack!

Contact them at: 0961 591 5621 / 0915 216 7724

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse at Alabang West Parade

What to order: Classic Wolfgang Burger

Wolfgang Steakhouse, an upscale restaurant nestled within Alabang, also serves top-notch burgers on their menu. If you’re looking for something different or a touch of luxury, try their Classic Wolfgang Burger. It is made from USDA Prime dry-aged ground sirloin patty, which is served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and potato chips.

Contact them at: 0995 610 2361

Purple Beetle Cafe at Twin Lakes

What to order: Cheesy Bacon Burger

Purple Beetle Cafe, a cozy joint tucked inside Twin Lakes in Tagaytay is not only a beautiful sight, their burger menu is also a real treat! We recommend their Cheesy Bacon Burger, for a burst of flavor that is enough to send you into a food coma.

Contact them at: 0998 593 5091

Burger King at Three Central Mall

What to order: Whopper

Work from home with a Whopper in hand! There are a myriad of burger choices in Burger King, but the Whopper is something that hits the spot everytime. Match this bad boy with fries and soda, and you’ve got yourself an absolute feast right at home.

Contact them at: #2-22-22

TGI Fridays at Southwoods Mall

What to order: Shiitake Truffle Burger

It’s dreamy, it’s creamy, it’s the Shiitake Truffle Burger! If you’re staying away from meat but want to indulge, you’ll love that the patty used here is plant-based. Enjoy it with the combination of veggies, brioche buns, and creamy shiitake mushroom sauce and truffle aioli! Devour this gourmet creation stat, and order from TGI Fridays at Southwoods Mall, Laguna.

Contact them at: 0917 152 3245 / (049) 544 4991

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