Carmina Mesias Of Melo’s Steakhouse Fearlessly Steps Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Forbes Town

March 21, 2021

Behind the continued success of Melo’s Steakhouse is a woman. 

Carmina Santiago-Mesias, Chief Financial Officer of Melo’s Steakhouse at Forbes Town, was one of the strong women who fought to keep the restaurant business afloat amid the difficulties of the global pandemic. 

Carmina Mesias of Melo's Steakhouse

“What motivated me during the pandemic was our employees and saving the restaurant. I needed to make sure that employees were okay, and I am able to save their jobs,” Carmina shared. “Because of this, I was challenged to find ways on how to keep the business running even during the many limitations that we were put in. I had to make sure that safety protocols are strictly followed. I had to think of promos and food take out that will work even during [the] pandemic.” 

Melo's Steakhouse CFO Carmina Mesias at their Forbes Town branch

For the fierce and fearless boss lady, being open-minded and creative were some of the values that helped her become a strong leader during the unprecedented times. 

She said, “I needed to think of different ideas on how to make things work. I had to step out of my comfort zone, be selfless and still run the business because I wanted to help others. It wasn’t easy, but looking back now it feels very rewarding. Everything felt uncertain, but I was able to do it alone and we are still striving!”

If there’s one thing that Carmina wants other women to imbibe from her experience is to keep pushing the envelope. 

Fierce & Fearless Women of Forbes Town: Carmina Mesias

She related, “I was pushed to test my limitations. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I was able to know my strengths and weaknesses. From there, I worked on what I could, and it was very rewarding because I was able to do all the things I thought I couldn’t do on my own before. This makes me fulfilled!”

Carmina is among the featured ladies of Fierce & Fearless Females of Forbes Town series — which is a collection of words of positivity from the women of the community, in celebration of Women’s Month! 

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