Chinatown Museum: Art, Culture, & History Captured for You and Your Instagrammable Shots!

Lucky Chinatown

March 6, 2020

Do you love your Instagram feed so much? Are you looking for an ideal place to have the flawless shot you desire? If yes, then we guarantee you that you will enjoy this place surprisingly!


Have you ever heard of the Chinatown Museum in Binondo? If not, then get yourself ready since the quarantine is now over! Go out and take the time to see the world again in your own eyes.


For beginners, the Chinatown Museum is a place where Binondo’s ancient history came to life. If you are interested, we have rounded up a few reasons why it is a must to visit this place as quickly as possible!


1. No picture? No problem
No new picture to brighten up your Instagram feed? Worry no more because we got you.

As much as we love our Instagram, there’s always a time when we crave for more! We want prettier pictures, a variety of locations to shoot, and something unique from the usual.

Luckily, the Chinatown Museum is present for you to love Manila even more! Aside from having a worthy Instagram post, you can also interact with the gallery itself!


2. History in every corner!
Lucky Chinatown isn’t your ordinary Filipino shopping mall, as it involves too much history that will make you wonderstruck. In fact, it has a museum filled with beautiful exhibits and diverse stories in every corner. As you visit, you will be guaranteed to have a whole new perspective towards the world’s oldest Chinatown in Asia!


3. Art, Culture, & History for you and your family
Aside from its history, you could also see Binondo’s culture embedded in different forms of art! Pretty great for your Instagram account, right? Aside from posting your pictures to brighten up your day, you could also inform your followers about a lot of things.


So, what are you waiting for? Get that picture-perfect feed with Binondo’s state of the art museum.


In the Philippines, some museums can now be discovered within malls. Whenever you have any time to spare, be sure to visit the Chinatown Museum for you and your instagrammable shots.


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