Woof From Home—Treat Your Dogs With These Treats From Dog-Friendly Malls in Manila

Eastwood City Uptown Bonifacio

September 16, 2020


Being surrounded by pets could help us cope in trying times. More than greeting us with tail wags or giving us heart-warming nuzzles, they are even said to bring health benefits such as decreased blood pressure and reduced feelings of loneliness. Plus, they are the perfect motivation to do some exercise and outdoor activities. 


While we turn to our furry friends for companionship and comfort, we shouldn’t forget to keep them happy too. 


Whether you want to keep your puppers entertained while you’re working from home or you simply want them to be rewarded for being such loyal and lovable fellows, there are lots of treats from dog-friendly malls in Manila


Check out some of the treats and essentials your dogs might enjoy:


Keep your dog healthy with a diet that’s designed for their biological needs. Opt for a diet rich and varied in fresh, whole meat to keep them healthy. 


Acana Adult Dog Chicken and Greens is loaded with 60% meat, which is about twice as much as most pet specialty dog foods.


Get this at Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.


Just like hoomans, pets need enough protein and nutrients they need in order to stay happy, healthy, and strong. 


Acana Free-Run Duck Dog Food contains 50% quality duck ingredients and has one animal-protein source for sensitive Tummies or picky eaters.


Get this at Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.


Soft snacks such as jerky sticks provide a natural, satisfying chew for your dog. You could give it to them as a reward during training or just as a random treat to show appreciation. 


Bearing Jerky Treats Stick Soft Dog Snack is made with real chicken meat, with each piece well prepared to create a tasty and highly digestible dog treat.


Get this at Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.


Charcoal-based treats help eliminate flatulence in pets and could help reduce body odor, bad breath and stool odor. 


Charcos Treats uses a combination of activated charcoal, yucca schidigera and sodium hmp to improve dental hygiene.

Check out charcoal-based treats at pet-friendly malls in Manila. This treat is available at
Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.


Both puppies and adult dogs chew for comfort. Aside from being a boredom buster, chewing also helps promote healthy teeth and gums. However, not every chew toy or bone is vitamin or mineral rich. 


Antlerchewz Chicken Flavor comes from naturally shed deer antler and are full of calcium and phosphorus. Unlike bones, antlers also don’t splinter and cause injuries.


Get Antlerchews at Bow & Wow, located at Eastwood City.

For your pup’s chewing needs, you could also opt for a natural bone that’s full of nutritious marrow.


Barkworthies Lamb Leg Bone is an 8-inch long, durable dog chew sourced from Australian lamb. Aside from providing your dog with a highly digestible source of calcium, it is also high in iron and zinc which helps boost your dog’s immune system.


This treat is available at Bow & Wow, located at Eastwood City.

In between vet visits, it’s important to maintain good dental hygiene of your dogs. Aside from brushing their teeth regularly, dental chews could help strengthen their teeth while making it more fun and entertaining.


Dentalight 2207 2.5 Dental Bone features a delightfully chewy texture that fights plaque and tartar. These treats are also made with highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest. 


Grab this treat at Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.


Snack time will be much delightful if the treats are healthy and made with wholesome ingredients. 


Charlee Bear Grain-Free Crunch is a grain-free dog snack that contains less than 3 calories per treat. It has a light crunch that dogs love and is made with real chicken and antioxidant-rich pumpkin and apples. 


Get this treat at Bow & Wow, located at Eastwood City.


Make your pet happy while encouraging good dental health with a dental treat that’s  soft and easy-to-chew.


Dentalight 9480 Twisty Meaty is slowly roasted with real meat and tasty Beef Fillet flavor. Its blend composed of parsley and Prebiotics helps promote fresh breath and digestive system.


Check out this treat at Dogs and the City, located at Uptown Bonifacio.

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Are your puppers tired of eating kibble all day long, everyday? That may not be a surprise since some commercial kibbles are stripped of much of their nutrient value. Sad thing is, dehydrated food may also contain harmful toxins that are bad for your pup.


Treat them to delectable pet-friendly dishes by ordering Pawsome Plates. These  new doggie meals are available only at Bark Central Café located at Eastwood Mall.


Dog biscuits are a surefire way to keep you pets attentive during training. 


Milk Bone Dog Treats Maro Snacks with Real Bone Marrow combines the crunchy texture of a biscuit with the delicious taste of real bone marrow. It is also rich in calcium to help maintain strong teeth and bones.


Get this treats at True Value, located at Eastwood City and Uptown Mall. 

With all of these tasty and healthy treats, your dogs are in to have a good time with you. 


Have these treats conveniently delivered from our dog-friendly malls to your house through our partner delivery service apps.

Pet Pass for Your Fur Babies!

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  • Two 1×1 colored photos of your pet
  • An accomplished registration form you can get from the concierge

The Pet Pass is valid for as long as your fur-baby’s rabies vaccination is valid, too. Have the best shopping experience with your pet by your side. 

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