Eastwood City welcomes Christmas revelers with Leeroy New’s giant lighted art sculpture with music from Diego Mapa

Eastwood City

November 28, 2021

Eastwood City opened its doors to the merriest time of the year as it unveiled a whimsical holiday art, lights, and music spectacle featuring contemporary artist-designer Leeroy New’s giant lighted art sculpture, in sync with music from musician and recording artist Diego Mapa.

Nestled at the Eastwood Mall Open Park is Leeroy New’s masterpiece ‘Festive Fungi, Merry Mycelium,’  which features larger-than-life bioluminescent mushrooms and fungi, reaching as high as 7 meters and emitting light of every hue to the tune of modern holiday music.


Inspired by various fantasy and science fiction elements, Leeroy New’s art installation is a reimagination of a hybrid world of the natural and industrial, where organic elements take on a new form and start to recapture public space to create an agaric wonderland.

The visual feast of neon lights from alien-like mycete and spores are complemented by the curated musical arrangement of Diego Mapa, which is a mix of his modern interpretation of traditional Christmas songs and original compositions called the Eastwood Suite. Infusing relatable genres from alternative rock, electronic, and orchestral music, Mapa’s mix brings a magical vibe with occasional heartwarming peaks to Leeroy’s art.

Multidisciplinary artist Leeroy New is a recipient of the 2012 CCP 13 Artist Awards and was an Asian Cultural Council fellow in New York City in 2016. He is known for large-scale public art and immersive installations. Notable works include a sculpture park in the Paoay sand dunes, his Aliens of Manila series and international pop star Lady Gaga’s “muscle tee” in Marry the Night music video in collaboration with Kermit Tesoro.

Diego Mapa has been an active musician and recording artist since 1997 and is the singer of electro disco-punk band Pedicab. He has produced award-winning musical scores in movies such as Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawawala (2012) and Avid Liongoren’s Saving Sally (2016).

More whimsical activities await at Eastwood City. Visitors can also go on a sight-seeing with Eastwood’s Christmas Tram and hop on to a merry ride at the Christmas Carousel.

To ensure safety, visitors must strictly follow Eastwood City’s health and safety protocols including mandatory wearing of face masks and observance of social distancing. 

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