July 27, 2020

Gearing up for the next school year might be a little different and exciting from the usual. As schools open the world of virtual learning to students, you might be wondering how to make your home conducive for learning for your kids. Don’t fret, we’ve rounded up the right study essentials and distance learning must-haves to make your kids’ learning journey smooth and easy.

1. Laptop

Surely, remote learning is filled with live streamed classes and non-stop virtual classroom interaction. So make it a breeze by opting for a fast and reliable laptop with a battery life that can last up to 10-11hrs. A powerful processor is also a plus to support software, video conferencing, and web research that your child will definitely need.

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Check out the best laptop brands at Automatic Centre, located at 4F, Eastwood Mall.

2. Desktop

Aside from laptops, you may also opt for a desktop just in case your child’s project requires  processor-intensive software. Distance learning must-haves definitely include desktops so kiddos can fully enjoy the visual details of their work on a larger screen.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

You may get these distance learning approved desktops at Powermac Center, located at GF, Festive Walk Mall.

3. Lightweight Tablet

For a more hands-on experience, a lightweight tablet will do the trick when it comes to ease of access, user-friendliness, and availability of communication apps. This makes it an ideal educational tool for your kids.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

For variety of reliable tablets, Beyond the Box is located at GF, Venice Grand Canal.

4. Workbooks and Flashcards

If you’re aiming to get your child’s interest with fun learning activities, flashcards and worksheets are your best bet. You’ll never go wrong with these distance learning must-haves, especially starter’s workbooks which can be an excellent foundation for honing your child’s number and phonics skills.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

National Bookstore is located at LGF, Uptown Mall.

5. Notebooks

Taking good lecture notes would be vital to keep them at the top of the class. Have their notebooks organized per subject and give them tips on how to properly jot down notes for them to conveniently review discussions at the end of day.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

Distance learning must-haves certainly include notebooks which you can grab at National Bookstore located at 2F, Lucky Chinatown.

6. Pens and coloring materials

Start them young, they say. When it comes to arts, it would be best to grow their potential by keeping your child’s creative juices flowing with a variety of coloring and writing materials.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

Office Warehouse is located at 3F, Eastwood Mall.

7. Noise-cancelling Headset

Keep your child’s focus and let them dive deeper into the interactive learning programs by blocking out distractions and unnecessary noise. Distance learning must-haves should include a noise-cancelling headset for your child’s easier focus and convenience.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

PC Express is located at 2F, Lucky Chinatown.

8. Ideaboard

Introduce your kid to the fun concept of goal setting by using a whiteboard or pin board where they can doodle the best scratch work and ideas.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

National Bookstore is located at 2F, Lucky Chinatown.

9. Tumbler

In case you didn’t know, dehydration can affect a child’s alertness. Fortunately, you may avoid dehydration by keeping a beverage tumbler within their arm’s reach.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

Miniso is located at 2F, Venice Grand Canal.

10. Webcam

If there’s one thing you need to prioritize in the distance learning must-haves list, it’s a webcam. Virtual learning requires an easy to use plug and play webcam for everyday video conferencing.

webcam (1)

Anker is located at 2F, Festive Walk Mall.

10. Plants

Long hours of school and piles of assignments can be stressful. Freshen up their minds by incorporating plants in your kid’s learning space.

distance learning at megaworld lifestyle malls

Studying doesn’t have to be boring. You may check out this virtual world of museums and learn history through webinars HERE.

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