Feel At Home With Nono’s Homestyle Chicken And Waffles Combo

Three Central

June 5, 2021

Nono’s is always cooking up something heartwarming in their kitchen!

Known to be a great gustatory destination for comfort food, Nono’s serves up meals that will remind you of your mom’s Sunday cooking. From starters to mains to desserts, this specialty restaurant will have you savoring every plate. 

Located at Three Central Mall in Makati, one of Nono’s best offerings is their Homestyle Chicken and Waffles! They use deep-fried chicken fillet that’s deep-fried to perfection, while their waffles are carefully cooked on the iron. The pairing is unbeatable! 

Take your loved ones to Nono’s and enjoy meals that feel like warm hugs. Watch the full episode here:

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