Get A Taste Of Loft Cafe’s Divine Truffled Beef Pares

Forbes Town

June 23, 2021

We all raved and craved Truffled Pasta and Chocolate Truffle, but have you heard of Truffled Beef Pares?

Loft Cafe in Forbes Town makes Pinoy comfort food with inspirations from New York and Los Angeles cuisines. Most of the restaurant’s gastronomic creations are family heirloom recipes with a modern twist. One of the best fusion meals on their menu? The Truffled Beef Pares!

The extraordinary pairing of Pinoy street favorite Pares with truffle oil is something you might not expect, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Loft Cafe cooks their beef with garlic and mushrooms, complemented with rice, and topped with egg. And here’s where the magic comes in —  they elevate the dish with a generous drizzle of truffle oil! 

You’ll be wanting to try this any time of the day! Watch the full episode of Munch here:

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