Get These Work from Home Essentials To Spark Productivity

Eastwood City McKinley Hill Uptown Bonifacio

July 30, 2021

Working from home has become more common since early last year. Creating a special corner in your room for that daily office grind can be a challenge, but luckily, there are tons of ways to revamp your space and spark productivity. 

At Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, we understand how important it is to have the perfect items in your workspace so you can focus and be in the zone as you achieve your tasks. Read on to see a list of tools and products that will help you be at your best as you do remote work!  


Remote work entails hours and hours of working on your computer. To help you ace those reports and deadlines, your machinery must also be in tip-top shape. Invest in a tech setup that will make things easier for you, including a trusty laptop that will not let you down. 

Shop from: Log on to and get your next favorite laptop at a discounted price! The Acer Predator Helios 300 is currently on sale at 15% off, which also comes with a free gaming chair, t-shirt, bag, and notebook. Grab it before it’s gone!

Desk Organizers 

If you’re one of those who needs to declutter everything before you start any work, then you must use a desk organizer or storage box! Choose one that can hold your pens, pads, and other little tools so you can easily see them at once.  

Shop from: Get the Multi-Drawer Organizer from True Value. This one has a simple and sleek design in the color white, which makes it easy to match your desk’s overall look. Its pockets will hold your items safely! True Value has branches at Eastwood City (0977 241 2547); Forbes Town (0966 548 6451); and Uptown Bonifacio (0927 625 7538).


You may not realize it yet, but having high-quality headphones can make all the difference. Use one that can isolate you from the noise around you, so your Zoom calls can be smoother. And when you’re not in a meeting, using headphones for sound tripping feels awesome, too! 

Shop from: Amp up your audio experience with the Mi Comfort Headphones, which prides itself on comfortable listening for hours and smooth form. There’s a newly-opened Mi Store at Uptown Bonifacio, filled with cool gadgets! Visit them at 3/F Uptown Mall from 10AM to 9PM. 

Blue Light Eyeglasses 

Sometimes, when we’re not working on the computer, we’re still answering emails on our mobile phones! Our eyes will get tired from a huge amount of screentime daily, and one way to shield it from too much harmful light emitted by our devices is to use specs Blue Light protection. 

Shop from: You can visit Sunnies Studios or Owndays and have your eyewear geared with Blue Light blocking technology. With this, you can help reduce strain on your eyes and minimize potential damage from prolonged exposure to blue light. Sunnies Studios has branches at Uptown Bonifacio, Eastwood City, and Festive Walk Iloilo.  You can also drop by Owndays at Uptown Bonifacio and Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill. 


Who else can’t function without their morning coffee? It can be because of habit or it really energizes you through the day — whichever the reason, we all know the right amount of coffee has benefits for our body. If you have no time to make yourself a blend at home, you can treat yourself and order online from coffee shops!

Shop from: Improve your mood and have a cup of coffee delivered from Kape Sur. The coffee shop uses beans that are roasted and harvested from Mindanao. Try their Iced Spanish Latte and pair them with their Cheese Classic Sandwich! They have a branch at Uptown Bonifacio, and you can also send them a message on Facebook Messenger (@kapesur).  


Don’t let yourself be dehydrated while you work long hours on your home office desk. Lack of water in your body may cause low energy and moodiness, among others. So, to keep your mind and body fresh, have a tumbler of water ready on your desk. 

Shop from: Always have water within reach. You can buy Hydro Flask’s lineup of tumblers in different sizes and fun colors. You can find them at 2/F Uptown Mall. For inquiries, send them a message on Facebook Messenger (  

Scented Candle

After having all your tools upgraded and your body hydrated, it’s time to set the mood! You’re working hard, so it’s only right to treat yourself to a luxurious feeling, with the help of scented candles. 

Shop from:  Yankee Candle has a plethora of selections! To activate your work mode, why not try the zesty and garden-fresh scent of Kumquat & Orange? Yankee Candle has stores at Uptown Bonifacio, Lucky Chinatown, and Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill. You can message text/call them at 0975 434 6831. 

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