Indulge In The Best Regional Dishes At These Restaurants

Eastwood City Newport Mall Uptown Bonifacio

June 9, 2021

The Philippines is known for its rich culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from several cultural influences, Filipino cuisine is a hodgepodge of different flavors brought about by centuries of trade and colonization. 

But as an archipelago with different languages and cultures, it’s not surprising that Filipino cuisine itself has a diverse range of flavors, with dishes catering to local tastes and environment. This Independence Day, show your love for culture and heritage by breaking your food boundaries and exploring the many flavors of the Philippines. 

Here’s a rundown of the best regional dishes you can try at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls:

Chicken Binakol from Mesa

If you’re a fan of tinola, you should try chicken binakol, a chicken p dish from Western Visayas. It is made from chicken cooked in coconut water and coconut meat and is traditionally cooked in fresh bamboo node or coconut shells.

Mesa’s Chicken Binakol boasts of a tinge of sweetness and peppery flavor. If you’re looking for comforting and indulgent Filipino food, drop by Mesa at 3/F, Eastwood Mall

Gising Gising from Locavore

Said to have originated from the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Pampanga, gising-gising is a Filipino vegetable soup or stew traditionally made of chopped winged beans and coconut milk spiced with bagoong and chilies. 

Locavore’s version of gising-gising is a mix of sigarilyas and french beans, over coconut milk. Savor Filipino dishes with a twist at Locavore, located at 1880 Bldg., Eastwood City. 

Gule Magalang from Fely J’s

Gule Magalang is a simple stew made with freshly harvested vegetables and squash flowers. It is said to have originated from the Magalang town in Pampanga, hence, the name translates in Tagalog to “Gulay ng Magalang.”

Fely J’s Gule Magalang is a healthy addition to their Filipino favorites such as Crispy Pata Ng Bawang and Piniritong Hito. Fely J’s is located at 3/F, Uptown Mall.

Bam-i Guisado from Crisostomo’s

Hailing from the Visayas region, the Bam-i or Pancit Bisaya is a noodle dish that originated from Cebu. It is similar with other noodle dishes in the Philippines, but what makes it unique is its texture from the mix of flour sticks and vermicelli noodles. 

Crisostomo’s take on this dish is the Bam-i Guisado, which is generously topped with chicharon bulaklak and lechon kawali. Visit Crisostomo Restaurant at 2/F Veranda, Eastwood Mall.

Bulalo from LUMU Filipino Kitchen & Beerhouse

Long drives to Tagaytay won’t be complete without tasting the iconic steamy bowl of bulalo, which is made by boiling beef shanks and bone marrow until fat melts into a clear broth. This dish has its roots in Southern Luzon, particularly in cattle-grazing provinces of Batangas and Cavite.

LUMU Filipino Kitchen & Beerhouse serves the classic bulalo soup, but they also serve bulalo with unique twists: the Sizzling Black Truffle Bulalo Steak and the Bulalo Kare-Kare with special choco bagoong. LUMU is located at 2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila.

Bagnet from Empanada Nation

Who isn’t familiar with the crispy goodness of bagnet? This deep-fried crispy pork belly dish, which is a Filipino favorite, is a quintessential Ilocano dish that has its own festival. This holy grail for meat lovers is traditionally dipped in sauces based on vinegar or bagoong.

Empanada Nation’s famous mouth-watering bagnet is only one of their authentic Ilocano dishes — they also serve Ilocos empanada and Vigan longganisa. Find them at 3/F, Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall.

Lucban Longganisa from Buddy’s

Longganisa may be Spanish in origin, but we Filipinos sure have different versions of this sausage. Lucban Longganisa, from Quezon province, has a garlicky and sour taste and is characterized by its use of oregano. 

If you’re more of a morning person, visit Buddy’s for their Lucban Longsilog and other all-day breakfast meals. Buddy’s is located at G/F, Eastwood City Walk 1.


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