Locavore Co-Founder Alta Redor On Being Strong For Others

Forbes Town

March 23, 2021

There’s an adage that goes, “be strong because you never know who you are inspiring” — and it resonates now more than ever. As the country slowly recovers from the current challenges it now faces, it is important that we see people who help others, and who can serve as hope and inspiration.  

One admirable boss lady who has managed to remain strong for others is Locavore Co-Founder Alta Redor. Locavore is a restaurant that champions classic Filipino dishes with a unique twist. 

Locavore Co-Founder Alta Redor

For her, being a symbol of strength in one of the most challenging times of our lives is important so that people who depend on her will be encouraged to go on, and they can become powerful together.

She said, “The need to be strong for the people who depend on me. That includes my children and of course, my employees. Strength is contagious.”

Alta is among the featured ladies of Fierce & Fearless Females of Forbes Town series — which is a collection of words of positivity from the women of the community, in celebration of Women’s Month!

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