Malls in Manila: Where to De-Stress After the Quarantine Period?

Eastwood City Lucky Chinatown Uptown Bonifacio Venice Grand Canal Mall

March 16, 2020

If there’s one thing we all miss during this quarantine period, it’s totally visiting the malls in Manila. A simple stroll in the mall hallways can be a great bonding experience and doesn’t require any spending.


For sure, this month has been stressful, and you could even catch the “cabin fever”. A few months after this quarantine period, while still practicing social distancing, we could all wish to get back to the ordinary mall strolling days.


If you’re looking for some ways to get that much-deserved treat after this quarantine, we got you covered.


Check out these go-to shops at these malls in Manila, perfect for your de-stressing:


Ogawa at Venice Grand Canal Mall 

(Photo taken from Ogawa Philippines)


What’s better than a relaxation time, away from all the stress and muscle pains?


Even if you’ve got no sore muscles from a whole shift at work, you surely could get them from household chores. Ogawa goes beyond the physical wellness and ensures that you can be at ease.


All About Baking at Uptown Bonifacio

(Photo taken from All About Baking)


This quarantine period offered us opportunities to explore our skills. If you want to add up something on your skillset, why not try it on actual practice? We know how much have you been watching baking or cooking videos, so why not try it?


Learning how to bake can be calming as well, and could provide a great business opportunity in the future. This can be an extra income!


For starters, you can check out the baking tools and equipment that might probably unleash the inner Baker King/Queen in you.


And who knows, you might be surprised that are actually good at this?



Chinatown Museum at Lucky Chinatown 


Also, looking for a great date idea? Or just want to meditate?


Immerse yourselves in art, history, and culture by visiting this museum at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila. With its own rich and colorful history, you can appreciate the art of the past.


You can also check discounted prices at the malls in Manila, and satisfy your cravings for Chinese cuisine.


Bark Central at Eastwood City 


If you’re fur-parents, then bond together with your pets at Bark Central at Eastwood City.


This indoor dog park is the perfect place to go when you just can’t leave your pets at home, by themselves. Dogs want to have some time out there, too!


Plus, feel free to shop around as you can find lots of great choices here. You can drop by Celine, Cotton On, Pandora, or Bench + Herbench to score goods.


There are just so many options for places to relieve yourself from the stress! Once we the quarantine period is over, feel free to visit us at Megaworld’s malls in Manila. Just make sure to allot ourselves some space!


Any post-quarantine plans? Please share your thoughts with us!