Master Basic Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Language for Free

Lucky Chinatown

August 20, 2020

A number of advantages in learning a new language includes enjoying your favorite Asian movies and series without subtitles or being able to communicate yourself properly in different countries. But more than that, learning a new language also allows people to learn more about the country’s history and culture, plus it is also said to boost brain power and improve memory.

Learn the basics of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese languages through SPEAK ASIAN, a series of free online tutorials.

Check out the schedule below:

Learn the basics of Mandarin and Lannang-Ue with Chinoy Learning

Speak Asian
  • Aug 21, 9PM – Lannang-Ue Basics (History, Phrases)
  • Aug 22, 10AM – Let’s Talk Romance + Family Part 1 (featuring common phrases in Chinese series, movies, and songs)
  • Aug 29, 10AM – Let’s Talk Romance + Family Part 2 (featuring common phrases in Chinese series, movies, and songs)

Register for Speak Asian: CHINESE here:

Learn Korean Language with Teacher Kim of KimSsem Korean Academy

Speak Asian
  • Aug 21, 7PM – Let’s Master the Korean Alphabet
  • Aug 28, 7PM – How to Introduce Yourself in Korean
  • Sep 4, 7PM – Let’s Learn How to Count in Korean

Register for Speak Asian: KOREAN here:

Japanese Language 101 in partnership with MGB AREJJ Skills Academy Inc

Speak Asian
  • Aug 29-30, Sep 4-6, 6PM – Learn the basics of Japanese language

Register for Speak Asian: JAPANESE here:

Lucky Chinatown once again brings Asia to you with its annual Asian Fest. This year’s festivities at Asian Fest 2020: Ready for Reel will make you experience food, music, and craft straight from Asian flicks and series! 

For more information, visit Lucky Chinatown on Facebook or you may also call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls hotline at 8-462-8888.

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