Food Around the Globe: Get a Taste of International Cuisine with Megaworld Corporation

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August 10, 2020

If there’s one thing we all miss, that’s probably traveling. Most of our travel plans are canceled this year, and to stay safe, we should be limiting the places we’re going to. If you do miss traveling and you have canceled plans, then Megaworld Corporation has your back.


We all love traveling. There’s sight-seeing, meeting new people, the ability to take shameless segway tours, and let’s not forget about the endless amounts of Instagram posts. But the best part of all is the food.


Different areas of the world have so many new flavors and dishes that you would never even think of. From decadent desserts to exotic cuisine, there is always something fun to try. The possibilities are endless.


This is why when you get to taste the food, it feels as if you’re traveling to other parts of the world.

Taste the flavors of the world and go on an international food trip with us.


Experience the sights, sounds, and, most notably, the smells within our robust dining area. Join us as we banish the bland and help you spice up your next meal across a wide variety of restaurants, price points, and cuisines types.


Everyone enjoys traveling. There’s the satisfaction when seeing the scenic views, the opportunity to meet new friends, discovering new cultures, and even the chance to snap IG-worthy photos.


However, we can all agree to say that when traveling, eating may be the best part.


There are so many new recipes and dishes in various parts of the world that you never thought of. There is always something interesting to sample, from decadent cakes to spicy dishes. There are infinite options.


Taste the flavors of the world with Megaworld Corporation, which makes you feel as if you have an international food trip.


Let’s travel around the world with these International restaurants:


A trip to Korea: Samgyupsalamat at Arcovia City

Photo from Samgyupsalamat


Samgyupsalamat is a restaurant chain that has served boundless Korean BBQ since 2012. Their main menu includes meats that ready to cook, as well as various side dishes.

Established as one of Korea’s best local BBQ chains, Samgyupsalamat will fulfill your cravings.


Samgyupsalamat is one of Korea’s most popular unlimited BBQ restaurants, with more than 30 branches in the Metro Manila, Philippines, including in Megaworld Corporation’s Lifestyle Malls.


If you’d like to know what eating Korean BBQ is like in Seoul, check out this popular grill in Arcovia City! You can also eat it at home with their delivery services, with your Oppa.


A trip to Vietnam: Phở Hòa at Lucky Chinatown

Photo from Phở Hòa


Phở Hòa restaurants serve tasty, naturally flavored, low-calorie soups with the brisket, flank, and eye-round steak slices of choice. New coriander leaves, bean sprouts, spicy peppers, and lemon wedges complement each bowl of soup.


They use top-grade meats to make a healthy soup broth that is lower in calories and cholesterol. Phở Hòa is undoubtedly the “Health Conscious Choice” with its fresh and locally grown products, high-quality ingredients, and spices.


You can order or call your favorite branch at Lucky Chinatown, or via GrabFood and Foodpanda and arrange a pick-up date.


A trip to Turkey: Turks at Southwoods Mall

Photo from Turks


Turks serve Pita Doner, a finely cooked Turkish meal consisting of 100% tender and juicy minced beef or chicken, covered in the delicious pita bread of the Turks.


Only Turks have the Pita Doner’s distinctive taste, eaten with fresh slices of cucumber, tomato, and onion, flavored with unique Turkish sauces such as garlic sauce, cheese sauce, and hot sauce.


Turks also serve specially aromatized rice that ideally complements the doner and kebab.

Make your every day a Turksday!


A trip to France: French Baker at Eastwood City

Photo from The French Baker


The French Baker remains on top and is committed to serving its beloved, loyal customers with the freshest, healthiest, and most affordable baked goods.


Enjoy baguettes, scones, croissants, Belgian waffles, Parisians, crepes, bagels, Danish, sourdough rolls, and ciabatta have become as familiar to Filipinos as pan de sal, monay, and ensaymada.

Enjoy Baguettes, scones, croissants, Belgian waffles, Parisiennes, crepes, bagels, Danishes, sourdough bread, and ciabatta.


With its Filipino mix, you can also get pan de sal, monay, and ensaymada, from the very much Filipino at heart, The French Baker.


A trip to Italy: Italianni’s at Uptown Mall

Photo from Italianni’s


When dining in Italianni’s restaurant, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine, we miss the homey vibe, which makes it a memorable and outstanding dining experience.


Oh, healthy food is on a different level. Of course, Italianni’s fantastic food is what we love the most from this restaurant, from its appetizers, main course, and down to its desserts.


Change up your lunch with an Italian menu, and enjoy pizza and pasta at a far higher level!


A trip to Japan: Coco Ichibanya at Forbes Town Center

Photo from Coco Ichibanya


Missed visiting Japan? Then take Japan at your home with the biggest Curry restaurant chain in the world. Surely Coco Ichibanya would make you feel like you’re in Japan.


What’s also great about Coco Ichibanya is that they spice up healthy food, because healthy eating doesn’t need to be dull and boring.


If you’re searching for an excellent adventure, you certainly have to go to the Fried Chicken Omelette Curry & Chicken Cutlet Curry, all with extra cheese on top!


Coco Ichibanya is available for dine-in at Eastwood City, QC.


A trip to Singapore, Hong Kong, & China: Tao Yuan at Newport City

Photo from Tao Yuan


Famous for Manila’s Best Singaporean cuisine. They also offer Hotpot (Shabu-Shabu), and delicious Hong Kong and Chinese cuisines as well!


Tao Yuan’s authentic Singaporean chefs will deliver the foodie legend stuff to you. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice, Asado Tart, Shou Zhou Dumplings, and Cereal Prawns are classic must-tries and are much-raved by Chinese epicures all over the world.


Megaworld Corporation can take your mind on a trip through the world’s flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Cantonese, mouth-watering Japanese-Korean fusion, or local Filipino favorites, every whiff, sip, and the bite is a delight to the senses.


Make sure to come to visit us while taking extra precautions by wearing your facemasks and face shields, too. Dine-in, Take-Out, Pick-Up, or Delivery, we got you covered