Not your usual cafe: Restaurants that also serve top-notch coffee brews

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October 12, 2021

Coffee shops are a usual sight wherever one turns. From specialty coffee shops to mobile kiosks, this drink has dedicated hubs. 

However, for foodies who love to take their time when on a food trip, coffee is often seen as the magical drink that will aid digestion. That doesn’t mean that coffee served at top notch restaurants have to be plain and boring, as there are restaurants who also take their coffee seriously. 

If you’re in the mood to munch and sip coffee, here are some restaurants at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls that not only serve delectable dishes and meals, but also offer a great selection of brews. 


Wildflour is definitely a go-to for mouthwatering pastries and artisan bread, but what would a perfect breakfast be without coffee? Wildflour’s coffee beans come from LaMill, an award-winning specialty coffee roaster headquartered in Los Angeles. If you want to go beyond the usual brewed coffee or their bestselling Vietnamese Latte, they also have a series of bottled coffee beverages. 

Wildflour Cafe is located at G/F, Uptown Ritz, Uptown Bonifacio.

Easy Tiger 

Easy, Tiger is the home of Thai food with a kick, serving not-the-usual dishes from Isaan, a Northern region in Thailand. While Thai milk tea is such as hit, you’d be surprised to know that they also serve Thai Iced Coffee, which is distinctly infused with sweet milk and spices. 

Easy, Tiger is located at 2/F, Uptown Mall and G/F, Eastwood Mall.


Salamangka may be more of a bar specializing in craft cocktails and beer, but it also serves delish all-day Filipino rice meals, finger food and pasta dishes. If you prefer having a coffee over cocktails and booze, their Bullet Proof Coffee, made with a mixture of espresso, butter, and coconut oil, is sure to bring in the fun and energy.

Salamangka is located at G/F, Eastwood CityWalk.

Pho Hoa 

Who would have thought that this Vietnamese pho noodle soup house actually serves coffee? Pho Hoa has a range of healthy noodle soups, vermicelli bowls, salads, banh mi sandwiches and other Thai dishes. Beyond Thai eats, it also serves the traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da), which is made from brewing Vietnamese medium-ground dark roast coffee.

Pho Hoa is located at G/F, Eastwood CityWalk and G/F, Venice Grand Canal.

Cargo Fish

A popular after-work spot, Cargo Fish serves an authentic British Fish & Chips style menu. You can customize this dish with six fish or meats, seven sauces and five sides to choose from. Aside from light bites, bar chows and Full English Breakfast, this chill alfresco space serves a crowd-favorite Iced Coffee.

Cargo Fish is located at 4/F, Uptown Mall. 


For those who fancy authentic Filipino dishes, Crisostomo is sure to evoke nostalgia and warmth with its turn-of-the-century dining selections, where authentic Filipino cuisine meets a sophisticated twist. If you prefer coffee right after a feast of Filipino faves, you won’t be disappointed as Crisostomo serves Batangas brewed coffee, either by the cup or bottomless.

Crisostomo is located at 2/F, Eastwood Mall and 2/F, Newport Mall.


Taste your way to Italy at Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria, serving authentic Italian dishes made from fresh ingredients. You can complete your gastronomic adventure with their array of red and white wines, or you can simply cap the day off with coffee! Parmigiano serves a selection of coffee drinks, including their own house blend, the Cafe con Pana and the Chocolacino. 

Parmigiano is located at 2/F, Newport Mall.

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