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October is not yet over with Octobrew Grubs at Newport Mall

  • Newport Mall
Oct 10, 2019

Are you looking for something different to celebrate Oktoberfest with? Head over to Newport Mall and pair your booze with these amazing beer-infused delights. Check out these exclusive menu selections which you can enjoy for the rest of the month. 


Enjoy Shrimp Bucket’s Beer-battered Fish & Fritts made with fresh Cream Dory Fillet marinated in Pale lager with various herbs and spices plus fresh potato sides dipped in tartar sauce, paired with your favorite ice-cold beer. 

Shrimp Bucket is located at 2F, El Calle Food &  Music Hall Newport Mall


Devour Mr. Kurosawa’s Beer-battered Fish & Chips, made with fillet fish cobbler marinated in Pale lager and coated with Japanese flour, egg whites and fresh milk, with a hefty side of french fries perfectly paired with tartar sauce.

Mr. Kurosawa is located at 2F Newport Mall.


Get drunk on this big platter of beer-infused appetizers at Savoy Cafe! Composed of Beer Pork Knuckle, Beer-infused Osso Bucco con Gremalota, Beer Marinated Schnitzel, Beer Pretzel, Beer & Mustard Sauerkraut, you won’t even bother ordering the main course. 

Savoy Cafe is located at the GF of Savoy Hotel Manila, Newport City


Try Johnny Kahuku Hawaiian Shrimphouse’ Krispy Drunken Shrimps made from fresh and juicy shrimps marinated in Pale Lager, seasoned with salt and pepper and coated in flour.

Johnny Kahuku Hawaiian Shrimphouse is located at 2F Newport Mall. 


Not for the faint of heart, Crustasia’s Crispy Pork Knuckles on is also marinated in pale lager, mixed with sambal, salt, pepper, onion, and garlic.

Crustasia Asian Seafood Market is located at 2F Newport Mall. 


Chow down on LUMU Filipino Kitchen’s Beer-battered Fried Chicken - with the batter made from pale lager, flour, cornstarch, egg, mango puree, chili sweet sauce.

LUMU Filipino Kitchen is located at 2F Newport Mall.


Wrap up your beer feast with Chiara’s beer-flavored sorbet made from deeply hued lager, or the Zuppa Inglese infused with Alkermes liquor syrup made from layers of custard cream, chocolate custard cream topped with almond streusel crumbs and chocolate bits.

Chiara’s is located at 2F, El Calle Food &  Music Hall Newport Mall.

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