Amazing Facts About Dogs and Pet-friendly Gifts You Can Get From Malls in Manila, Philippines

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September 14, 2020

Pet-friendly shopping malls in Manila, Philippines? Is there such a thing? Yes, there is! We’re not playing it cool. Nowadays, malls permit our lovely dogs inside their facilities. Isn’t it great?


Before we delve into this, let us first talk about something else!


Since the month of August celebrates the National Dog Day, why not know some interesting facts about your lovely pets? Ever since, dogs have been there to provide happiness in our lives. With that, let’s get to know them deeper!


5 Interesting Facts about Dogs:


  1. Dogs’ noses are wet to help absorb scent chemicals.
  2. Dogs have a sense of time! 
  3. Petting a dog and gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin, not only for you but also for them.
  4. When your dog is carefully choosing the perfect spot to do their stuff, it’s because they prefer to go poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.
  5. Dogs can learn more than 1000 words.


With all these facts, you surely knew something new about them. Isn’t it amazing to have a dog that is loyal and gentle towards you? With that, treat them extra special like giving the best friendly treats!


If you have a pet in your house, giving them the best pet-friendly treats will make them admire you even more. If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, the same thing works with your lovely pets. 


Treat them with foods from different stores brought to you by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!


Pet-Friendly Stores from Malls in Manila that you’d be glad to know:


At present, pet-friendly stores are available in the Philippines for you to choose from. Whenever you’re searching for the best treats in town, consider trying from the following:


Bow and Wow


Bow & Wow is the first and only all-natural pet store for dogs and cats in the Philippines. In fact, this one believes that proper nutrition is the key to raising healthy and happy pets.


If you’re interested, click these links to determine what they offer:


If you prefer to visit them directly, go these place/s whenever you’re free:


Eastwood Mall


If you want delicious and healthy food and treats made with wholesome ingredients, consider Bow and Wow right away!


Dog and the City 


Dogs and the City is a lifestyle oasis that helps you keep your pet happy, healthy, and sharp. As a whole, Dogs and the City understands what it means to love your pet with all your being.


If you want to offer a million ways to show your pet how much you love them, choose Dogs and the City without a doubt!


If you’re interested, click these links to determine what they offer:


Dog Treats

Cat Treats


If you want to visit them personally, go to these places whenever you’re free: 


Eastwood Mall (Dogs and the City is located at 2F, Eastwood CityWalk 2)

Lucky Chinatown 

Venice Grand Canal Mall Taguig 

Uptown Mall Taguig 


With their thoughtfully selected array of the finest treats, you’ll see right away that Dogs and the City is worth the shot.


Bark Central 


Bark Central is an indoor dog park and cafe with grooming, dog parties, boutique, and training classes! If you want to visit them one day, kindly present your vaccination records at 4th Level, Eastwood Mall.


Aside from bringing joy to your pets, they also provide delicious pet-friendly treats at a very affordable price.


If you’re interested, check their Facebook account here:


Plan your next bonding with your pets at Bark Central!


Also, with all the stores mentioned above, you could have your preferred orders delivered with our partnered delivery service apps.


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