April 20, 2020

You definitely miss shopping in Philippine malls, no matter how hard you deny it. How do we know? We just feel it.

The smell of clothes, the texture of fabrics, and the colors that make you feel giddy to buy it. However, since malls in the Philippines are closed in the meantime, online buying has become a trend nowadays.

With that, here are some online shopping tips to fulfill what’s lacking in your shopping heart.  Bearing these tips in mind will help you choose the right ones. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun reading!


  1. ALWAYS check the comments and reviews of other people

Since online shopping is sought-after nowadays, there are still things you need to make sure before buying. Unlike shopping in malls, buying items online can be a little tricky.

Since you can’t see the products personally, you need to check of other people’s comments and reviews. In that way, you wouldn’t have to waste your money because someone has warned you enough not to buy it.

Though it is not always the case, precaution is still better than wasting money!


  1. Contact the seller

Contacting the seller is a good thing to do for you to ask several questions about the product. You could ask for the picture, size, and more if you wish to.

If you want an answer – ask the question! As they always say, communication is always the key. Make sure of everything before purchasing.


  1. Make sure that the site or app is secure

Entering your personal information is dangerous, especially if it’s registered in an unreliable source. Some people scam others for a living. Before buying, double-check if everything is safe on your part.


Shopping in malls or not, buying stuff has always been a pleasure for us. However, due to enhanced community quarantine, people now do things online. The thing is, there’s no harm in buying. You just have to be careful.

When the enhanced community is over, be sure to visit our malls that you have missed.

We look forward to your visit!