May 4, 2020

We understand the need to go to malls for essentials so Megaworld Lifestyle Malls have got you covered in the best way possible with #SaferAndHappier at MLM.


Their customers’ safety are prioritized so they have taken extra care in implementing a set of safety guidelines for everyone’s convenience.


Given our situation right now, it is only necessary to implement measures for a #SaferAndHappier mall experience, without worrying about anything. So here’s what’s new at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls:


1. Sanitation and deep cleaning before, during, and after mall hours. In simpler terms, intensive sanitation for a safer shopping environment.

saferandhappier MLM

We understand your need for a clean and healthy public space so we are making sure to sanitize every area on a daily basis for you to avoid catching any form of bacteria.


2. Automated Thermal Scanner

automated thermal scanner MLM

A stable and average temperature is a requirement for customers when entering malls. As a result, we thoroughly monitor our customers’ temperatures with thermal scanners. But aside from this, we also use heat mapping technology to ensure everyone’s safety in the best way possible.


3. Automated Hand Sanitizers

saferandhappier MLM sanitizers

Automated hand sanitizers are placed in multiple areas to wash out germs and bacteria as often as possible. We have also partnered with Safeguard, the Philippines’ No. 1 Family Germ Protection Soap which can remove up to 99.9% percent of germs without difficulties. Do not forget to wash your hands!


4. Crowd Density Monitoring

saferandhappier MLM social distancing

We need to maintain a protected environment for everyone, so we have implemented crowd density monitoring. In that way, customers can roam freely around the mall without worries.


5. Social Distancing Ambassadors

saferandhappier MLM

To help in maintaining social distancing, we have designated Social Distancing Ambassadors to remind and guide customers about physical distancing.


All in all, the safety measures mentioned above are just some of the extra steps we have have taken for everyone’s #SaferAndHappier experience at #MegaworldLifestyleMalls.


Keeping a safe and healthy environment is our priority. For more information, visit