June 17, 2020

Can’t wait to ditch your quarantine hairstyle or update your look? Surely you want to be first in line at your favorite barbershops or salon once they get back to business. But first, you need to know some safety protocols.

Before you head out to get a new ‘do though, remember that while restrictions have loosened up a bit, it certainly won’t hurt to exert extra effort to remain safe and healthy. 

Here are 10 things to remember as barbershops and salons reopen:

1. Schedule appointments ahead of time

To ensure that safe distancing could be effectively followed, salons and barbershops are required to reduce the number of customers they can serve at a given time. Instead of walking in, schedule an appointment with your hairdresser to save time and effort.

2. Don’t bring companions, unless absolutely necessary.

Since customer capacity is limited, you are encouraged to come to the salon alone. Companions will only be allowed if you need the necessary assistance, such as if you have physical conditions that limit your mobility.

3. Answer health checklists honestly.

You will be given health checklists at the entrance as part of government protocols. The questionnaire will require you to declare whether you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and whether you have had recent exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case.

4. Expect the usual: footbath, thermal scanning, and hand sanitizing.

Upon arriving at the salon or barbershop, you need to go through the footbath to sanitize your footwear, subject yourself to contactless temperature reading and sanitize your hands.

5. Wear your face mask at ALL times.

To protect yourself and your salon/barbershop staff, you are required to wear your face mask prior to entry and during the entire duration of your appointment.

6. Expect a 10-minute interval for sanitation in between clients.

Your next salon appointment may take more time, as regular sanitation procedures are mandated. Before your turn, salons and barbershops will spend around 10 minutes to sanitize tools and equipment, as well as chairs and high-touch points.

7. Chairs will be placed at least one meter apart.

If you’re coming in with a friend who also set an appointment, your chit-chat will be limited as chairs will be placed at least a meter apart on all sides. Comfy leather furniture or any surface made of porous materials will now be covered in plastic for easier sanitation.

8. Your personal things will be deposited in secured sanitary bags for disinfection.

Bringing as fewer items as possible is now the new norm. When visiting salons and barbershops, your personal items such as bags, jackets, and gadgets, will be disinfected and deposited in secured sanitary plastic bags.

9. Face shields will be distributed for shampoo services.

Should you decide to avail shampoo services, you will be provided a face shield to add an extra layer of protection for you and the staff.

10. Set up your contactless payment

Salons and barbershops are required to reduce physical contact during payment. Take advantage of cashless payment methods such as tap-to-pay credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallet applications. Should you need to pay in cash, place your payment in the tray provided by the cashier.

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