Stay Woke: 7 Ways To Keep You Sharp And Focused

Eastwood City Uptown Bonifacio

April 4, 2020

Let’s face it, you’re all running out of things to do at home. You’ve all tried the new coffee trend, all kinds of exercises, and even tried to imitate fast-food recipes, but what about trying to do something new to improve yourself? So here, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls compiled a simple list of activities to keep you stay woke.


Well, you’re already here, so it means you got this right already! Yay for you! Follow and subscribe to positive content and news. This does not only give you new learnings, but it also decreases your stress levels by decreasing the negativity on your feed. In a time, where being positive is bad news, the best thing to do is so to surround yourself with positive content.


And since it’s already Holy Week, wouldn’t it be a great time to pick up your Bible that’s been collecting dust and learn a prayer or verse? It wouldn’t hurt to reconnect with the One above. Look if you’re having a hard time with this, we’ll get you started. Why don’t you give Pslam 94:19 Pro-tip, it’s in the old testament.

When you’re done praying and meditating, why don’t you give music a try? And we mean really try it out. Yes, it might be really time to create that TikTok account. You never know, you might get discovered or at least discover that you can dance. If that’s not your cup of tea, why not try to learn an instrument. Pick up a guitar? Drums? Piano? Pan Flute? Whatever it maybe be, learn it and rock out. So that in the next company talent contest, you actually have a talent.


Speaking of the office, why not try to impress your boss and learn a new skill or improve your current skill set. Well, it’s not only to impress your boss. Improving your work skills is never a bad idea. It makes you better at work and adds to your resume as well. You can find a ton of online courses, seminars, e-books, and instructionals. Whatever your job may be – an accountant, chef, marketer, even a public servant – there’s always room for improvement.


and, and, and! Don’t forget to improve the skills of your fur baby as well. We’re sure that they’re already bored from looking at you the whole day. If the only trick they know is peeing on your bed, that’s a big hmmmmm. Here we’ll help you out, .


Well, that was tiring! It’s a great time to try out a new recipe. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be a 5-star dish. Have zero expectations. It could be something that Gordon Ramsay would totally get mad about. But who cares? You’re the only one whose going to eat it anyway.

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