Treat Your Taste Buds To The Best Lamb Baklava at Noor! 

Forbes Town

July 19, 2021

Sink your teeth into layers of savory and sweet flavors in Noor’s Lamb Baklava! 

Foodies who love to go on gastronomic adventures should add Mediterranean restaurant Noor to their bucket list. Noor takes their guests to a Middle Eastern trip, by treating their taste buds to the region’s colorful and delicious cuisine! From Roast Beef Carpaccio to Fattoush Salad to Pumpkin Tabbouleh — the cozy and hip food place is filled with tasty treasures.

If you’re thinking of what to order first, we are happy to recommend their Lamb Baklava. For this yummy creation, their in-house chef fills layers of phyllo pastry with lamb and beef. They then serve it with raspberry, tahini, and honey. For garnishing, they sprinkle a generous amount of pistachio on top! 

Unravel the flavors of Noor’s Lamb Baklava. Watch the full episode of Munch here:

Book a table Noor! They are located at Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town, Taguig City. 

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