Treat Yourself To Alcohol-Infused Milk Tea Flavors From Cheers Cheese!

McKinley Hill

August 3, 2021

Milk tea is still one of the most comforting drinks to have anytime of the day. With lots of milk tea shops all over the metro, Cheers Cheese manages to stand out because of their unique takes on the beloved drink! 

Every milk tea enthusiast will fall in love at first sip of Cheers Cheese’s alcohol-infused boba selections. Are you more of a beer or brandy person? Whatever floats your boat, they have it! 

Milk tea spiked with beer sounds just about right. Try the Beer Pearl Milk Tea (P170), and you’ll be gulping it in no time.

Cheers Cheese Beer Pearl Milk Tea

If you’re more of a slow drinker, then Brandy Pearl Milk Tea (P170) is for you. It’s an innovative fusion that you never knew you needed in your life.

Cheers Cheese Brandy Pearl Milk Tea

Cheers Cheese also has a wide selection of fruit smoothies for those who are on a no-alcohol diet. We are highly recommending the Watermelon Cheese flavor! The sweet taste of watermelon mixed with the cheese will make you ask for more. Apart from Cheese Watermelon (P150), other fruity twists include Mango and Pomelo (P145) and Lime Green Tea (P130).

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