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Treats To Get For Your Pet This National Love Your Pet Day

If you didn’t get the chance to date your pet last Valentine's Day, you've got a second chance this National Love Your Pet Day! Surely, a holiday might not be necessary for fur parents who shower love on their pets everyday. Still, today is a valid excuse to go an extra mile for your beloved fur friends. We rounded up some cool treats you can get for your pets.

Dentalight Twist Rolls and Twist Meaty

Photo by Dogs and the City

If you have a pup, their tail will surely wag with joy if you reward them with something delicious and healthy. Snag a Dentalight Twist Rolls and Twist Meaty. This treat is available in chicken and beef flavors.

Molar toy

Photo by Dogs and the City

Pets are always thrilled when they see a new toy. Reward your fur friends with a molar toy they can chew and play with.

Dogs and the City is located at 2F, Eastwood CityWalk 2

Catnip Dental Chews

Photo by Bow & Wow

Pets have a habit on chewing everything on their sight. This leads to problems with regards to their teeth. This special day, say “I love you” to your pal by caring for their appetite with a treat that will massage their gums and clean their teeth.

Dallas Hooded Cat Bed

Photo by Bow & Wow

Our fur babies deserve a nice warm nest. Give your pet the gift of comfort on this special day with a thermal fleece sleep area.

Bow & Wow is located at GF, Eastwood Excelsior


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