Where To Eat And Drink In Bonifacio Global City

Forbes Town Uptown Bonifacio

January 5, 2021

Home to a myriad of mouth-watering restaurants, the finest pubs and bars, and world-class nightclubs — it comes as no surprise that Bonifacio Global City is highly attractive for people who seek to have a good time. In the Metro, this district is the go-to destination to enjoy the best drinks and fill hungry bellies. So if you’re wondering where to eat and drink in Bonifacio Global City, here is the ultimate list of places that put emphasis on both their spirits and grubs. Read on!

Tipsy Pig

Tipsy Pig in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Tipsy Pig | Facebook

One look at this gastropub’s name and you’ll get the message that they’re all about buzzy drinks and porky goodness! Both pork and beer lovers are in for a treat at the Tipsy Pig.

Drink an ice-cold beer with their Belly Good Sisig tacos, which have perfectly cooked chunks of pork wrapped in a tortilla pita with a tangy Asian soy garlic sauce to balance things out. Their Crispa is just too delicious as well, especially with the roasted garlic spread, crispy pork belly, and bacon aioli. Pair this revolutionary pizza with any liquor of your choice.

Tipsy Pig is highly popular even on weeknights! You might want to go early to indulge in their delicious dishes and drinks.

Tipsy Pig is located at Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town, Taguig City

Rue Bourbon

Rue Bourbon in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Rue Bourbon | Facebook

Another spot that’s ready to cater to people who demand a good time is Rue Bourbon. Here, you can get their famous Caramel Beer, which has 5% alcohol mixed with a special caramel only from Rue Bourbon.

If you want to satisfy your food cravings, choose from their wide-ranging menu with choices for appetizers, pizzas, pasta, platters, rice meals, and even desserts. Munch on their Truffle Fries and Chicken Skin Nachos, we’re sure it will be on par with your palate. In terms of ambiance, this bar has a chill drinking spot vibe but it’s still energetic enough to give your whole squad a good time.

Rue Bourbon is located at Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town, Taguig City

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Salvatore Cuomo & Bar | Facebook

For a classier dining and drinking experience, head to Salvatore Cuomo. While this restaurant is mainly known for its authentic Neapolitan cuisine, it’s elegant and modern environment makes it a great place for a glass of wine.

Be greeted with a hearty “Buon Giorno” when you enter the door and taste their heavenly antipastos such as the Parmigiana-Caprese. Take delight in their pizzas like the Quattro Formaggi and Bianchetti.

With all the comforts of a fine restaurant, Salvatore Cuomo can double as a spot to kick off the wild night ahead or as a romantic date place.

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is located at G/F Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig

Madrone Kebabs

Madrone Kebabs in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Madrone Kebabs | Facebook

Classic food truck seekers, this one is for you. The Madrone Kebabs offers casual, open-air alfresco dining under stunning light string bulbs and umbrellas.

Devour Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as Falafel wraps, sandwiches, and kebab rice meals with hummus dip and fattoush salad on the side. Complete the meal experience with local beers.

Madrone is located at G/F Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig


Italiannis in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Italianni’s | Facebook

For those who want to take delight in Italian cuisine, there is no other place to go than Italianni’s. A true crowd-pleaser, this restaurant has been well-loved by its patrons for its hearty dishes, rustic-inspired ambiance, excellent service, and menu for alcoholic beverages.

Far from the common nightclub scenes, Italianni’s is a place for customers who want to unwind and relax. Dine-in and try their flavorful pasta, salads, risottos, pizzas, steaks, and delectable desserts to satisfy your taste buds. Pair your meals with a glass of red or white wine, beer, martinis, and cocktails such as the Classic Mojito, Mango Surprise, or Frozen Margarita.

Italianni’s is located at 3/F Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig


Barcino in Bonifacio Global City

Image Credit: Barcino | Facebook

Located along the streets of Uptown Parade is a haven for wine lovers known as Barcino. From the red, white, sangria, to sparkling wines — they have it all. Although, no one said you can’t enjoy a good meal at Barcino either. Sample their Paella Negra, Tortillas de Camarones Tapa, and Macarrones a la Bolognesa for a satisfying meal.

Barcino is located at G/F Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig

Key Takeaway

Stop wondering where to eat and drink in Bonifacio Global City. Here are six spots that are sure to give you and your guests a great time while falling nothing short of delicious dishes and a wide variety of drink choices!