Where To Eat At Lucky Chinatown For Chinese New Year

Lucky Chinatown

February 9, 2021

It’s official! Chinese New Year is just around the corner. February 12 marks the start of the Year of the Ox and one of the best ways to complete this most-awaited celebration is to have an auspicious feast. Nothing comes closer to the real deal than the Chinese food in Lucky Chinatown. So if you find yourself wondering where to eat at Lucky Chinatown for Chinese New Year, make sure to visit these gastronomic spots for a big dose of luck all year round. 

Shoppers and foodies at Binondo, Manila can enjoy their favorite, traditional Chinese dishes at Lucky Chinatown restaurants for dine-in. Because Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is optimized for the new normal, celebrating Chinese New Year and dining in these restaurants will ensure your comfort and safety. 

Whether you’re celebrating with your family or just looking to satisfy your food cravings — check out these six dining spots in Lucky Chinatown! 

King Chef for Prosperity

King Chef fish dishes

Image Credit: King Chef | Facebook

King Chef has been a favorite foodie destination among Lucky Chinatown mall-goers since it opened its doors back in 2016. This Chinese restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes. 

Fun fact! In the Chinese language, the homophone of fish is “yú” which means “surplus”. It is believed that eating more fish will bring an increase in prosperity in the coming year. 

Fish has always been a staple in Chinese New Year menus and is often served steamed with a simple sauce. When it comes to luck, you can take delight in King Chef’s Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic. The soft fish fillet is drenched in a special garlic sauce and topped with green onions. 

Don’t worry about your safety and comfort when dining in because King Chef observes strict sanitation standards. Celebrate Chinese New Year with complete ease of mind!

King Chef is located at 2/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

Shi Lin for Good Fortune
Shi Lin Xiao Long Bao

Image Credit: Shi Lin | Facebook

Shi Lin has been cooking up a storm and serves an array of traditional Taiwanese dumplings, dimsum, noodles, desserts, and more since 2011. Here, each dish is freshly handmade every day. The restaurant is popular among Binondo diners because of its affordable price points and generous serving sizes. 

Dimsums are shaped like Chinese gold ingot because it symbolizes wealth and good fortune. So if you want to get that dose of luck, take a heavenly bite on Shi Lin’s famed Xiao Long Bao, Hakaw, Shrimp and Pork Dumpling, Mushroom and Vegetable Dumpling — all of which will pleasantly surprise you with bursts of savory flavors.

To increase the level of safety for their customers, Shi Lin offers contactless menus. Upon ordering, simply scan the QR code from your phone’s camera and wait for your mouth-watering dumplings. 

Shi Lin is located at G/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

Ling Nam for Harmony

Butchi and other dishes at Ling Nam

Image Credit: Ling Nam | Facebook

At Ling Nam, diners come in and immediately know what they want to eat. With their authentic Chinese noodles, congee, siopao, and siomai — Ling Nam has been satisfying the palate of all kinds of diners beyond 60 years. 

In this place that thrives on offering comfort food, you can try their signature Beef Wanton Noodles that have a well-balanced broth and generous chunks of beef. Other food selections include dimsum, all day Tsinoy breakfast, Sauteed Noodles, seafood, vegetables, congees, and rice meals. 

If you want to end your meal with a lucky dish for Chinese New Year, try their Buchi! This sweet rice ball is filled with red bean paste, rolled in sesame seeds, and fried until perfectly golden brown. Its round shape signifies unity and the gooeyness represents family and harmony!    

Dine in with peace of mind as well! At Ling Nam, they leave no stone unturned to guarantee the safety of customers. They have acrylic barriers and practice proper social distancing.

Ling Nam is located at G/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

Mann Hann for Wealth
Chinese dishes from Mann Hann

Image Credit: Man Hann | Facebook

The Mann Hann restaurant chain is another spot that established its presence in Lucky Chinatown to satisfy your cravings.

In the ancient Chinese culture, spring rolls are believed to bring wealth because they resemble bars of gold. These deep-fried, crispy rolls can be stuffed with various fillings such as pork, bean sprouts, and other assorted veggies. Try Mann Hann’s Lumpiang Shanghai and manifest extra luck this Chinese New Year! 

Mann Hann is located G/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

San Guo for Long Life

Noodles from San Guo Lamien

Image Credit: Lucky Chinatown | Facebook

Eating noodles is a must during Chinese New Year. For delicious and savory noodles, your go-to is San Guo. 

Noodles symbolize long life. According to the Chinese tradition, the longer the noodles you eat, the luckier you will be. Their length and uncut preparation are said to lead to longer life! 

That said, try the different varieties of Lamien noodles from San Guo like Beef, Spareribs, Fish, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Wanton, Spicy Beef, and many more! Lamien are hand-made soft wheat flour Chinese noodles. It is made by pulling the dough into strands using the weight of the dough itself. Rest assured it will be a hearty and warm meal — perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year. 

San Guo is located at G/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant for Family Togetherness

Chicken and other dishes from Sincerity

Image Credit: Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant | Facebook

A trip to Lucky Chinatown will never be complete without a meal at Sincerity. This is a quintessential Chinese spot known for their famous Fried Chicken. Crispy and juicy, this is the one dish you shouldn’t miss eating on Chinese New Year. 

Traditionally, a chicken is as a whole served because it is believed to bring family togetherness. 

Before you head to Sincerity, make sure to reserve a table to avoid the hassle of waiting and at the same time, ensure your safety. This restaurant is always packed with people because of their mouth-watering dishes. 

Sincerity is located at G/F, Lucky Chinatown. 

At Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, there are endless dining choices that prioritize your safety and comfort, without comprising the taste of food in Lucky Chinatown.

February 12 is fast approaching and if you find yourself wondering where to eat at Lucky Chinatown, welcome the year of the Ox from these six top-notch restaurants. Make sure to order lucky Chinese dishes for a big dose of prosperity and good fortune throughout the whole year.

Celebrate and dine in safely at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!