May 5, 2021

For a lot of Filipinos, afternoon or late evening snacks are just as important as breakfast, lunch and dinner. With so much food to choose from, picking what to eat is no walk in the park. Luckily there’s a something that suits every mood or taste and is always a pleasure to dig in at any given time: the burger.  A true crowd favorite among foodies, burgers come in all sizes and are a perfect meal for afternoon breaks as they are not too heavy on the stomach but just enough to satisfy a craving appetite. Burger delivery can be challenging but for those who just can’t get enough of this go-to snack, we’ve listed select restaurants that can bring delicious and hot-off-the-grill burgers to your doorstep: 

MOS Burger

Order the MOS Burger Family Pack Cheese burger while staying at home!

One of Japan’s biggest burger chains is just one call away! Order their Family Pack Cheese burger and let your family taste an authentic Japanese burger while staying at home.

Location: Central Plaza, Eastwood City

Tel No. 09668568105


The California Burger from ArmyNavy is always a good choice!

Here’s another international flavor to taste! Brace yourself for the delectable California Burger from ArmyNavy. Partner it with their famous Libertea iced tea drink which they allow you to keep the glass so you can reuse it for your next order.

Location: Venice Grand Canal and Eastwood City

Tel. No. 8333-3133 / 88228047

Brother’s Burger

Grab a Brother's Burger treat!

A brother that you can always count on when it comes to burgers. Experience a whole new level of burger gaming as this first ever flame-grilled gourmet burger restaurant uses only 100% prime choice imported beef and is cooked only upon order!

Location: Venice Grand Canal


Show of hands if you want this Spicy Sriracha Burger from Denny's!

Love anything spicy? Try Denny’s Spicy Sriracha Burger! It’s packed with 100% beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickled jalapenos and creamy sriracha sauce. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Location: Uptown Bonifacio and Eastwood City

Tel. No. +1 800-733-6697 / 09196046366

Zark’s Burgers

Burger or pizza? Zark's gives you both!

A pizza made out of burger or a burger made out of  pizza? Call a friend todayand figure out the answer when you get the PizzaXBurger variant from Zark’s Burger! 

Location: 2F, Southwoods Mall and Eastwood City

Tel. No. 09062028834

UCC Clockwork

UCC Angus Beef Burger is always a good choice!

Looking for a juicer, tender and more flavorful meat in burgers? Then the search is over! Head over to UCC Clockwork and order their infamous Angus Beef Burger! 

Location: Burgos Circle, Forbes Town

Tel. No. 282 1447 / (+63)926 733 3526

Bugsy’s Sports Bar & Bistro

Bugsy's Big House Burger is all kinds of good!

Say yes to a bigger and better burger! Succulent beef, crispy lettuce and melted cheese all that and more with Bugsy’s Big House Burger. Call to order now!

Location: Forbes Town Road

Tel. No. 0917-5797278

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