May 24, 2021

Summertime means going outdoors for fun! One of the things we love doing during this warm season is to dine out and socialize. After being cooped up at home, it’s high time we all experience the outdoors again, with the utmost safety in mind of course! At Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, going out and about is made safer and happier through its fresh and clean alfresco dining areas. 

With more stunning outdoor setups across Megaworld Lifestyle Malls properties, eating out and socializing can now be part of your summer plans or become your new norm! Here are more reasons why it’s a good time to try alfresco dining: 

Fresh air for relaxation

Relax and de-stress surrounded by nature and its fresh air! Alfresco areas at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls are expertly designed to give guests a view of nature, so there’s proper ventilation for everyone. Dining with nature soothes our feelings and thus helps in improving our mental well-being. 

Experience the urban jungle with majestic Italian-inspired visuals at Venice Grand Canal while savoring meals from around the world!

Get your dose of Vitamin D

Bag of Beans: Where To Eat In Tagaytay With View

Spending time out in the sun has a lot of benefits, one of which is being exposed to natural vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our bodies to build strong bones and boost our immune systems. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and put on a layer of sunblock!

Twin Lakes in Tagaytay is the perfect spot to go if you need a whole day of nature adventure or even just a leisurely stroll. It’s a little oasis with a great view of Taal Lake. 

Great views and ambiance

Sitting outside can give our senses a new experience, which is always good! The casual festive atmosphere also makes dining out more pleasant and inviting. A spectacular visual feast is definitely irresistible. 

The wide range of restaurants at Lucky Chinatown and Eastwood City will fill your hunger while taking in a vibrant urban garden ambiance. There are also bike-friendly areas in these properties, so you can stay active too!

Good for socialization

Uptown Bonifacio Patio Dining

Most often, people eat out for social connection. Restaurants provide a place where people can be comfortable to mingle and bond with their loved ones. In a natural environment setting, the experience just becomes better.  

There’s an array of open-air dining options at Forbes Town and Uptown Bonifacio that are made for socializing, even during the nighttime! 

This summer, dine alfresco at Megaworld and have a great time outdoors with family and friends. 

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