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YOUR WEEKLY GRUB: 4 Delightful Spots for Pizza lovers

  • Eastwood City
  • Uptown Bonifacio
  • Venice Grand Canal
Nov 06, 2019

Get the best slices from these pizza places!


Photo by: Cibo

Cibo’s Pizza Spinaci proves that slice of heaven may come in varying shapes. This mouthwatering oval shaped pizza has the perfect combination of mozzarella, spinaci gorgonzola and crispy crust you shouldn’t miss!

Cibo is located at  2/F, Eastwood Mall

Mamma Mia

Photo by: Mamma Mia

Have your favorite  prosciutto, egg, and cheese in one PIZZA! Mamma Mia’s signature pizza- Crema Di Tartufo includes a savory truffle cream sauce topped with eggs, mozzarella cheese, and slices of prosciutto crudo baked to perfection.

Mamma Mia is located at UG/F, Uptown Mall

Pizza Express

Photo by: Pizza Express

Pizza Express’ Le Rose is a certified star dish that will give you a total sensory experience. This pizza is loaded with flavorful ingredients that is enough to be addicting. It has the total blend of tasty prosciutto, tons of grilled chicken chunks, freshly fried pancetta and Calabrese sausage directly sourced from Germany.

Pizza Express is located at UG/F, Uptown Mall

Ponte Rialto

Photo by: Ponte Rialto

Ponte Rialto got the best when it comes to the comfort food you’re craving for. Their Pizza Margherita deserves the center stage for its simple but absolute spot-on tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese fusion that is perfect to feast on.

 Ponte Rialto  is located at G/F, Venice Grand Canal

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