November 13, 2019

It is an undeniable fact that pasta occupies a special place in our hearts. With that, we rounded up the best places where you can chow on your forkful of delight!

Toni and Sergio

Photo by: Toni and Sergio

If you’re looking for something new, we assure you that you’ll enjoy the seafood goodness of Tony and Sergio’s traditional Italian Vongole pasta. This dish is made with olive oil, garlic and fresh clams. We’re sure you won’t want to share!

Toni and Sergio is located at  2F, Eastwood Mall and GF, Venice Grand Canal


Mary Grace Cafe

Photo by: Mary Grace Cafe

Aside from the warm, cozy vibe at Mary Grace Cafe, this resto definitely hits the spot when it comes to Italian comfort food. Their Tomato & Herb Pasta grabs the crowds’ adoration with its fresh and savory ingredients.

Mary Grace Cafe is located at 4F, Uptown Mall

GF, Eastwood Mall

2F, Lucky Chinatown

GF, Southwoods Mall


Olivia & Co.

Photo by: Olivia & Co.

Have a perfect pasta galore moment at Olivia & Co. The taste of their Black Pepper Braised Beef Pasta will greet your palate with a heavenly taste of  garlic, bell peppers, and sesame seeds that creates a fusion of salty and spicy flavor.  On top of this, you’ll also love how flavorful and tender their meat is

Olivia & Co. is located at 2F, Uptown Mall


Ponte Rialto

Photo by: Ponte Rialto

For affordable luxurious pasta experiece, Ponte Rialto’s Tagliolini Portofino con salmone e caviale has got you covered. This dish has an appetizing kick considering its ingredients includes home made tagliolini with mouthwatering salmon and caviar.

Ponte Rialto is located at GF, Venice Grand Canal