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YOUR WEEKLY GRUB: 5 Filipino Restaurants to Feast on

  • Forbes Town
  • Eastwood City
  • Uptown Bonifacio
  • Venice Grand Canal
Oct 08, 2019

Whether you're stuffed or hungry, these Pinoy dining spots will make you crave for familiarity of home:


A close up of food on a table

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Photo by Hukad

A Cebu-based Filipino restaurant, Hukad, offers a dining experience meant to evoke memories of holiday lunches with family. They serve one of Pinoy’s all-time favorite dishes, Lechon belly. This succulent slab is perfectly spiced and has satisfyingly crunchy skin.

Hukad is located at G/F, Venice Grand Canal


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Photo by Locavore

Since 2014, Chef Mikel Zaguirre exerts the flavors of Filipino traditional cuisine using French techniques to offer unique but still familiar taste of Filipino food. Locavore’s headline dish, Sizzling Sinigang is made with tender beef short ribs and special sampaloc gravy.

Locavore is located at G/F, Forbes Town Center


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Photo by Salamangka

Salamangka revolves around the concept Filipino mythological. You won’t be able to resist the charm of their Bawang sa Bangus, a fried bangus marinated in garlic served with a steaming garlic rice. You’ll also enjoy their amazing interior and cozy ambience.

Salamangka is located at G/F, Eastwood Citywalk 1


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Photo by Salu

To all sisig lovers why not try something new? Salu goes beyond the usual Filipino favorite with their smoky and tangy Ilocos style sisig called “Insarabasab.” Their secret ingredient? pork meat cooked with mouthwatering Sukang Ilocos.

Salu is located at GF, Forbes Town Center


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Photo by Arroz Ecija 

Arroz Ecija specializes on savory rice meals and prides itself for unique and flavorful combination of ingredients directly sourced from the  province of Nueva Ecija. Try out Arroz Ecija’s star dish- Kare-Kareng Bagnet.

Arroz Ecija is located at UGF, Uptown Mall

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