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#SaferAndHappier Updates

Social Distancing is strictly implemented

Stores follow guidelines for a safer shopping experience

Protocols are in place in all dining establishments to serve customers better

Sanitation Squad conducts round-the-clock deep cleaning and disinfection

Safety measures are followed in all salons and beauty and wellness establishments

Disinfectant foot baths are stationed in all store entrances

#SaferAndHappier Together, While Apart

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ Social Distancing Measures

Social Distancing Ambassadors are here to guide and remind guests of physical distancing

Step-by-step procedures are placed at the entrances of our malls

Crowd control measures are implemented to keep mall density intact

#SaferAndHappier Shopping

Health Checklists, Contactless Payments, and Quick Pick-up points

Intensive screening process is done to all guests prior store entry

Contactless payments are encouraged for convenient and easier shopping

Designated waiting areas and pick-up points for customers are kept clean and sanitized

Pick-up & Delivery

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Hotline

#SaferAndHappier Environment

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ Sanitation Efforts

Eliminates bacteria in common areas and product surfaces

Disinfects handrails, stopping the spread of germs from one hand to another

Sanitizes customers’ personal belongings

Deep cleaning and sanitation are prioritized inside the mall

Disinfecting Chambers assist in thorough sanitation

Customers’ temperatures are kept in check through thermal scanners

Take these practices with you anytime and anywhere.

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