Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

Going through a large crowd or getting trapped inside Metro’s traffic-plague can really be suffocating. Luckily, these malls provide open spaces where you can breathe in deeper and enjoy natural light:

Uptown Mall

Whether you’re looking for terrace or park, this 5-level lifestyle mall has got you covered. You’ll surely love the open-air area of this mall which is located at the fourth level called The Deck, where you can just sit, relax or enjoy an alfresco dining experience. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch some buskers performing here or at Uptown Parade. Aside from this you can watch their Las Vegas-inspired water feature- the Fire and Water Fountain.

Eastwood Mall

Trust us when we say that killing time wouldn’t be much of a problem here. It has a total vast open space called the Eastwood Mall Open Park where you can stroll around and enjoy your much-needed relaxation. Its lagoon and dancing fountain show are not to be missed, either. Good news is: their spaces are pet-friendly, too! 

Southwoods Mall

Every time you’re on the road to drive or commute from work in South, you’ll probably wish you have somewhere near to stay while waiting for the rush to tone down. Consider your wish granted as this 58,000 sqm mall offers a home-away-from-home kind of place with its pretty large open space where you can lounge and eat whenever your belly is grumbling. Plus, the lush greenery contributes to the fresh breeze circulating the space and acts as sort of an eye therapy as well.

Venice Grand Canal

You might be missing out on showing appreciation to the gigantic spaces of this Italian-inspired architecture. You’ll have a great time spending a lot of time outdoors than indoors here. Perhaps the best open spot here is at the man-made Grand Canal where natural light streams in and fresher air blows. Also, try checking out Venice Piazza. This space features local and international dining brands situated at al-fresco.

Forbes Town

In case you haven’t been here, there’s a hidden gem located away from the hustle and bustle of busy Fort Bonifacio – it’s called Forbes Town.

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