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Discover 6 Buzz-Worthy Restaurants Now at Forbes Town

  • Forbes Town
Jun 27, 2019

While there is no shortcoming of dining establishments in Metro Manila, the ritzy neighborhood vibe, refreshing ambiance and intimate characteristic of Forbes Town makes it a must-visit destination for any Manila foodie. It is a perfect spot for chill nights with good company and good food, tucked away from the busy crowded areas of the popular malls or dining strips. So if you're on the lookout for the best undisturbed hangout, here are 6 of Forbes Town’s newest dining treasures.


Location: Forbeswood Heights

Photo by: Noor

Noor offers Manila’s first authentic dining experience that recreates the trendy restaurant scene and popular Tel Aviv food tourism destination Levinsky, in Tel Aviv. Located within the comfort of Fort Bonifacio, Noor, a name taken from an ancient Hebrew text which means “flame” or “light”, offers a dynamic menu, fusing Euro-Israeli mediterranean cuisine created by Chef Or Hakmimi and Tair Hakmimi. The husband and wife team are experienced Israeli restaurateurs who hold also ventures in their homeland.

Fiery Style

Location: Forbeswood Heights

Photo by: Fiery Style

For those who love Tex-Mex delights, check out Fiery Style, a restaurant that turns Southwestern delicacies into crave-inducing comfort food. Fiery Style, as its name suggest is also a grill enthusiast’s heaven, serving steaks, burgers and ribs fresh off the grill. Their must-tries also includes their colorful Nachos, Tacos and Grill Platters that are served with their trademark, Southern hospitality. Enjoy a trip to Fiery Style with a glass of their ice cold beers and refreshing cocktails.

Southern Grind Bistro

Location: Forbeswood Heights

Photo by: Southern Grind Bistro

Southern Grind is Forbes Town’s newest addition that serves Cajun and South American dishes. While their specialty is undeniably the ribs, Southern Grind goes a step beyond and delivers some of the best country-style dishes including the Country Fried Steaks, the savory Mouthwatering Jambalaya, the Po boy Sandwiches and more. They also have a talented team working behind the bar, serving Instagram worthy cocktails that go perfectly with their extensive menu.


Location: Burgos Circle

Photo by: Salu

Nothing beats the familiarity of home-cooked cuisine, but Salu takes it to another level, offering unique gastronomic experiences of FIlipino food for its guests. Get to know Philippine cuisine and culture as Salu delivers the best regional flavors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Here guests can choose from specialities across the different regions such as the Ilocos Bagnet, Pampanga-style Sisig, Bicol Express from Luzon, Visayan dishes like Cebu Balbakwa, Bacolod Inasal and Mindanao classics like Sati de Zamboanga, Smoky Pianggang, and Utak Utak.

Vito Coffee

Location: Bellagio

Photo by: Vito Coffee

For the sweet tooth looking for a healthy dessert snack, ViTo Coffee is more than just a cafe, it serves its very own version of the gelato with a distinct texture once it hits your tongue. The ViTo gelatos are made with imported milk, sourced from a dairy farmer in Aso, Kumamoto, and blended with low sugar levels, zero preservatives and minimal milk fat. This gives ViTo gelato its refreshing consistency and healthy qualities. ViTo also serves a variety of options in their menu including pastas, pizzas, side dishes like mozzarella balls, fries, and delectable main dishes such as grilled bourbon pork chops, baked honey garlic salmon, and a 500g sirloin steak called the Bistecca.


Location: Bellagio II

Photo by: Frieda's

While a night out can often be attributed to unhealthy choices, Susi gives customers the option to celebrate with a nutritious selection from a vegan menu. Frieda’s offers gluten free, sustainable dishes such as their plant based mac and “Cheese” minus real cheese. and the Vegan Ramen for a guilt-free way to dine out.

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