Work From Home Decor Shopping from High-End Malls in Manila, Philippines

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August 17, 2020

Today, most of us are facing a new daily reality: working from home. For many, the term has meant struggling to create a routine and on how to stay productive at home.


Today, most of us face a new everyday reality: working from home. The word has meant striving for many to create a schedule and how to remain productive at home.


Your home office is a place that is supposed to help the creative flow and encourage you to get down to work.


Yet it is also not the case. In reality, the most overlooked areas in our homes can be home offices — messy and unfriendly places for inspiration, pushing us to work somewhere but in the actual office, like the sofa, or kitchen, or bed (guilty!).


If we want to boost our productivity, we can try upgrading our home workstations.


Luckily for us, we can have home décor shopping from high-end shopping malls in Metro Manila, Philippines.  


To help you update your inspirational room for at least a while, we’ve listed a couple of home decors for your office to make you want to buckle down and get to work.


1. Bando Pen Holder, PHP 539, National Book Store

This pen holder is sturdy and looks cute—best for the kids at heart. Holds your pens, pencils, and other small items. With those cute little eyes, it also watches your every move, significantly whenever you exceed your free time for web and social media browsing.


If you’re near to Uptown Bonifacio in Taguig, drop by National Book Store, too!


2. Storage Basket, PHP 199, Mumuso

It has lots of purposes, but mainly it organizes your files. With its simple yet classy look, it sure can add a little flair on your workspace by decluttering papers at sight.


Visit Mumuso at Venice Grand Canal Mall, one of the high-end malls in Metro Manila.


3. Sonoma Whiteboard w/ Aluminum Frame 3×5, PHP 2,300, Office Warehouse

Not a décor, but this one’s too functional not to have on your workspace. You can list down your tasks and erase them as you finish them, which instantly can boost your motivation at working from home. Plus, if you want to add some decorations on it, feel free to doodle on the corners and personalize your whiteboard.


Office Warehouse is located in different high-end shopping malls in Metro Manila, Philippines, including Eastwood City in Quezon City.


4. Asahi Mini Rech Fan, PHP 359.50, I.Y. Hardware

Not only is this as cute as it is useful, but it can also help cool your head during stressful times at work. It comes with colors and adds some fun to your workspace, too! D.I.Y. Hardware has branches on high-end shopping malls in Metro Manila, Philippines, and also in the Southwoods Malls in Laguna.


5-pc Family Frame Set Collage, PHP 1,190, True Value

Probably the best décor for your home office. If there’s one thing that serves as our biggest inspiration, it has to be our families. Or if you want to add other photos in there (such as photos of your pet), then go for it!


Visit True Value is at Forbes Town Center Mall in B.G.C., Taguig City.


Did you like these home décor suggestions for your work from the home office? Feel free to browse through our website for more great finds!