The MOS Burger Food Truck Makes Its Way to Eastwood

Eastwood City

October 15, 2020

Looking to satisfy your craving for a MOS Burger? Now you have an additional place to go to aside from its maiden branch in Ortigas. The leading Japanese burger restaurant will have a food truck in Eastwood City from October 14 to November 15, 2020, and it’s bringing its popular and mouthwatering selections for customers to enjoy. Apart from ordering your food for takeout, you can also enjoy your MOS food in an al fresco dining setting

“The food truck is our answer to the new norm. It is our way of bringing MOS closer to our customers who have been looking forward to our store venues. And as with all MOS restaurants worldwide, they can be assured that we observe the strictest health and hygiene practices. In fact, even before hand washing and scrubbing became a norm, we have been diligently practicing it strictly in all our stores. Likewise, we make sure that all our ingredients are fresh and meet our best-quality standards,

Hubert Young, CEO MOS Burger

Open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, the MOS food truck will serve its bestsellers like the Yakiniku Rice Burger, which comes with perfectly marinated Yakiniku beef, fresh green lollo rosso, and grilled onions; the MOS Cheeseburger, MOS’ version of a beloved classic that’s served with a special meat sauce; the Chicken Teriyaki Burger, which has deliciously flavored chicken teriyaki with green lollo rosso, onion, and mayonnaise; and the Wagyu Burger, which comes with a special garlic pepper sauce and garlic chips that perfectly balances the juiciness of the Wagyu beef patties.

MOS will also make its sumptuous garlic rice burger selections available, which include the Yakiniku Garlic Rice Burger, Seafood Tempura Garlic Rice Burger, Chicken Teriyaki Garlic Rice Burger, and Wagyu Garlic Rice Burger. Side dishes like the MOS Fries, Hash Brown, Poutine, and Chicken Karaage will also be on the menu.

MOS Burger adheres to the old Japanese proverb, “Ishouko dogen”, which means food and medicine come from the same source so people could maintain their health through a balanced diet. Its ingredients were chosen to help strengthen the health of its customers.



Founded in Tokyo in 1972, MOS Burger has more than 1,300 branches in Japan and 300 stores overseas.