July 14, 2020

Adapting to changing times, museums are now taking on a different role. Once physical structures with doors wide open for curious minds and wandering feet, museums are now shifting toward being a digital library of knowledge and a source of educational tools.

Museums under the Megaworld Foundation including the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) and Chinatown Museum are leading this shift towards online education. Positioning itself at the forefront of blended learning, it hopes to tackle the expanding role of museums in the convergence of education and digital learning through Museums Matter, a Facebook live stream series.

The four-part series will tackle topics concerning museums and how museums maintain their significance in this time of great change. Beyond discussing changes in the museum landscape in the country, it also seeks to equip teachers with ideas on how they can utilize the vast collections of Philippine contemporary art museums and historical museums to support digital learning.

Live Stream Series

Opening the series on July 11 is a talk on truth-telling online in the age of disinformation. Featuring Susan Macabuag, curator of Bantayog ng mga Bayani, and Regine Cabato, Manila Reporter for the Washington Post, the live stream “Against the Infodemic: Educating Truth-Tellers in the Disinformation Age” equips teachers with the basic skills on how to differentiate facts from the noise. The discussion will make use of specific examples on historical revisionism from Bantayog ng mga Bayani.

On July 18, Marianne G. Quebral, a consultant for fund-raising and non-profit management, will discuss the ways museum fundraising efforts will adapt to the pandemic. The talk “Fundraising for Museums” will also discuss how museums can adapt to the shift of fundraising from traditional to digital platforms.

On July 25, the live stream “How Museum Art Collections Support Digital Learning” will showcase art collections and museum programs from various contemporary art museums in the country. Ricky Francisco, museum director of Fundacion Sansó, Marinella Mina Associate Curator from Ayala Museum and Janine Cabato, curator for education at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art, will discuss the ways educators can use our local art collections in preparation for blended learning.

The series will close with “Teaching Philippine History with Museum Artifacts and Collections” on July 25, featuring Janine Cabato, curator of Chinatown Museum, Paulette Bedruz, curator of Museo ni Emilio Aguinaldo, Christian Melendez, curator of Museo ng Katipunan, and Jonel Rebusa, curator of Museo El Deposito. The talk aims to showcase the collections of historical museums and provide teachers with insights on the breadth of these historical collections for them to utilize these during their online lectures. 

Megaworld Foundation Museums

Museums under the Megaworld Foundation have begun to utilize the digital space to spark conversations and develop educational content.

Chinatown Museum, the country’s first museum dedicated to Binondo, one of the world’s oldest chinatowns, launched History Matters, which is an online educational program. History Matters offers Facebook lives and YouTube videos about Philippine history. Lesson plans and downloadable activities on historical content about Binondo and pre-war Manila are available on the website.

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art, the first museum in the Visayas dedicated to modern and contemporary art, launched Art Matters, an educational program focused on providing teachers with supplementary materials that promote Philippine art education and appreciation. Highlighting the talents of artists from Visayas and Mindanao, Art Matters shares kid-friendly creative projects and downloadable activities.

As education moves to digital platforms, you might want to check out Distance Learning Essentials for your kids as they go back to school.

To collaborate with Chinatown Museum, you may call 8293-2584 or send an email to chinatownmuseumph@gmail.com. To collaborate with the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art, you may contact (6333) 320 9903 or (6333) 328 1028 or send an email to iloilomuseumofcontemporaryart@gmail.com.

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